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Poundworld is dead. Long live Poundw… er… One Below

I used to spend a fair amount of time in the Forge shopping centre at Parkhead, but since the interesting ‘names’ left some years ago, I tend to shoot into the centre entrance (for Asda), and the two ends (for Cex and Poundland), and miss out the fairly vacuous fashion/phone/furniture shops in between.

Before it closed amid some questionable media reports, Poundworld was worth a wander, for fun. I’ve mentioned before how I considered their hardware to be something of a joke, made of chewing gum and string, well below even the standard fare at Poundland, whose offerings at least don’t bend and break in your hand.

The old Poundworld unit in the Forge lay empty – until I passed it yesterday.

No longer called Poundworld, it has been reborn as One Below.

Even the corporate colours are very similar, if not quite the same.

But a wander inside showed it contained much the same stuff as Poundworld.

And the interior layout was much the same, even the checkouts, although the software seemed to be glitching as the barcodes took ages to register.

It would be interesting to see who runs this venture, and if it was born of the ashes of Poundworld, and even owned/run by the same people/company/group as before.

Have to love the “everything £1 or LESS” take on Poundland’s multi-buy offerings, avoiding the two, or three, for a £1 phrasing found there.

Forge One Below

Forge One Below


One Below window

One Below window


One Below window

One Below window

Reminder of Poundworld colours, and even the way they were alternated within a line of text.

Maplin and Poundworld side by side

Maplin and Poundworld side by side

Empty Argyle Street.

Poundworld Argyle Street

Poundworld Argyle Street

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