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T-shirts, shorts, and woolly hats – I’m not going to get that pic

I have to confess that I can’t even wear a nice warm hat in the depths of winter.

Sure, I can throw one on to dull the effect of stepping out into sub-zero temperatures, but after being outside for about ten minutes I find I have to take it off as my head is overheating, and bursting out into a sweat. I have to revert to lifting the hood on my jacket to keep things a bit cooler.

I can’t understand those people who run around in summer, wearing hats as a ‘fashion statement’, or even fingerless gloves. I sometimes need them for work, and unlike ventilated cycling gloves, I have to get them off as soon as possible, or my hands/wrists soon overheat and get soaked in sweat.

I’ve mentioned trying to get a single shot with folk wearing T-shirts and shorts next to others with woolly hats, gloves, scarves, and heavy jackets.

I’ll have to give that up now, as proper warm weather has arrived, and will stay (or at least not revert to ‘chilly’).

By way of example, I was cycling around Glasgow two evenings ago, and had dumped so much clothing I never got warm during three hours of flitting about 20 miles around (including the city centre). In contrast, last night I could barely cover the same course without breaking sweat if I got too enthusiastic and fast.

While this may not be a perfect catch of the desired subject, I did just manage to collect this example of disparate clothing given the weather.

It will have to be ‘close enough’. I doubt there will be anything similar appearing now.

Woolly hats T-shirts Shorts

Woolly hats T-shirts Shorts




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