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Nessie’s not lost – she’s on holiday in Canada

Although some have tried to convince me that Nessie sightings are on the up, I’m not convinced.

Instead of there now being thousands of pics of the bonnie wee monster, since ‘everybody and their dug’ is carrying a mobile phone with a camera, the number has gone down, not up.

Even if there was only the same number of pic opportunities today as thirty years ago, surely there should be loads of pics, as tourists flocking around Loch Ness all snap the same pic?

But no, Nessie has retired from public life since all those cameras appeared, and pics are now rare.

Some might say that this just prove that all the previous pics were fake, and nobody can pull the same stunt nowadays, since the lack of corroborating pics from all those other cameras immediately proves their single pic is fake.

If it was real, there would be loads of them as others took the same shot.

While I’m not saying the Canadian pic is real, I prefer to think Nessie is taking a well-deserved break, and gone somewhere that is far away from all the usual hassle, but is quite like home, and Canada fills that bill.

The Loch Ness Monster may have been caught on camera – enjoying a holiday 4000 miles away in Canada.

A teenager reckons he has snapped the clearest proof the elusive aquatic beast exists.

Matthew D’Amico, 17, was on holiday in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada, last week when he saw what appeared to be the fabled creature, swimming through the river.

The university student from Florida saw a “long neck protruding out of the water” and quickly managed to snap two pictures.

She’s flown the Ness! Our monster spotted in Canadian river

I prefer the Glasgow sighting 🙂

Nessie In Glasgow

Nessie In Glasgow

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Maybe they don’t actually NEED to add a new tunnel between Queen Street and Central stations

I can’t be the only person who’s wondering if there’s really any need to propose the creation of a tunnel between Queen Street and Central railway stations.

Most people who research the history of Glasgow come across numerous reference to various tunnels under the city, dating back for at least the past century, which fall into various categories ranging from real, to lost, to forgotten, to imaginary, and collecting mythical along the way.

A bit of dedicated research might dig (sorry) one up that’s close enough to be reused or modified, and serve as that ‘new’ link between the stations.

There was one line in the story that is firmly rooted in mythology:

The proposal would see a tunnel with an underground station created between Queen Street and Central and prevent commuters relying on congested roads.

Every time I read about various ‘activists’ claiming that something has to be done because of Glasgow’s “congested roads‘ I almost crack a rib laughing.

Thirty years ago that might have been true, but the city centre is almost a vehicular desert by comparison these days.

I cycled through the city centre yesterday afternoon, from St Vincent Street (under the M8), past Central Station, down to Argyle Street and on through Glasgow Cross.

All I can say about ‘congestion’ is that I can understand why so many cyclists just sail through red lights!

I’m NOT one of them though, and sit at near deserted junctions waiting for the eventual green – because I value my life and health, and red light jumping is not a habit I’d like to develop.

Read more on the station link tunnel here:

Calls to back plans for an underground tunnel linking Glasgow Central Station to Queen Street

The one crucial thing MISSING from the call is a projected COSTING for such a tunnel, which could have a completely impractical price tag attached.

I used to watch for the once regular appearance of suggestions that a bridge be built linking the Isle of Bute to the mainland, and reducing the dependency on the ferries that serve the island.

Inevitably, someone would suggest that a tunnel would be a ‘better’ idea, as it would not have to take into account vessels passing beneath.

Then we’d see the difference in cost between the bridge proposals, and boring a tunnel to provide the same connection – based on similar projects which had been completed elsewhere.

So far, no bridge, and definitely no tunnel – not at those prices!

They could try a DIY version, and make things ‘interesting’ for transferring passengers 🙂



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If Poundworld couldn’t survive – why should One Below?

After spotting the new ‘One Below’ shop occupying the same place in Parkhead’s Forge shopping centre as Poundworld has, I saw that Argyle Street’s Poundworld had been similarly reborn as ‘One Below’.


One Below Argyle Street

One Below Argyle Street


Poundworld Argyle Street

Poundworld Argyle Street

Having been in the Forge shop, it’s obvious that One Below is selling the same cheap crap hardware and bric-a-brac items as Poundworld (probably from the same warehouse). That only works for so long before people realise the stuff is either not going to last, or fail to e worth even £1.

The rest of the stock is cosmetics, foods, sweets, some branded names, domestic items – all of which are fairly anonymous and can be picked up at any ‘pound shop’, so there is no customer or brand loyalty, or unique proposition,  to compel anyone to buy at any particular shop.

I know I’d already stopped bothering to go into Poundworld just before the end was announced. Buying any of their hardware was a waste of even £1 compared to the others. So, if I wasn’t in their door for that, obviously I wasn”t buying any of their food, so they’d lost a customer.

Given we already know Poundworld wasn’t sustainable (and that’s without even considering the claims of poor conditions and abuse which the media popped up with after the closure was announced), since One Below looks so much like Poundworld, how long will it be around?

Repeating the same mistakes isn’t going to ‘magic up’ as sustainable business from the old ashes.

What’s different?

Why should One Below do any better than Poundworld?

I’ve been in once – and I don’t have a reason to go in again 😦

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Kelvingrove rooflight repair complete – stairs reopened

Looks like my previous post was right – the repair was completed and passed inspection.

Got to use the stairs in Kelvingrove that have been closed for weeks since the cornice in one of the rooflights failed.

Kelvingrove stairs reopened

Kelvingrove stairs reopened

Oddly, I’ve really missed access to this staircase, as it seems to be one I always head for when leaving the Argyle Street side of the building.

As can be seen, the building is so dark that the daylight flooding into the rooflight means it just hits peak white, so nothing can be seen.

A second pic fixes that little problem, and you can see how the repaired area looks now.

Kelvingrove rooflight cornice repiar complete

Kelvingrove rooflight cornice repair complete

A reminder of how it looked a few weeks ago.

Kelvingrove Rooflight Failure

Kelvingrove Rooflight Failure

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Coffee – need more be said?

Spotted recently.

Partick Coffee Fun

Partick Coffee Fun

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