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At least one media source is trying to tackle the comment morons

I’ve occasionally mentioned the almost useless ‘Comment section’ still offered by some media sources, which I generally refer to as ‘Moron sections.

In particular The Scotsman suffers from its comment section having become the home of frustrated political outlets, and nutjobs who can’t find an outlet for the utter drivel they spout.

The BBC tries to keep the idea of comments alive by allowing such a section on a few articles, but once the morons spot that such a section has been opened, they soon find it, and while the section can start well, soon develops into the usual mindless rubbish.

While I try to avoid looking down there, if something catches my eye and I do, it becomes painfully obvious that the majority of comments come from organisations, or people with nothing better to do. I know how long it takes to compose/write material, and the sheer volume seen from some ‘contributors’ makes it obvious that they are spending a working day, or more, posting those biased or moronic comments, suggesting that the name they appear under is hiding a group of writer, in some cases at least, or someone who is doing nothing else.

There’s probably a good academic study buried in there, from someone could probably end with a good career if they studied this phenomenon for few years, and presented a good paper on their findings – if it didn’t drive them nuts first!

So, when I spotted a number of commenter/morons whining loudly in the comments section of an Australian media source I was reading some news in, I soon realised that the cause of that whining was a change in commenting policy by the source.

While I’m not saying the approach is necessarily correct, I do think it’s worth taking note of the effort made.

Also, the response of some of those commenting on the policy change, as it’s clear that some of them are most upset at having their favourite pastime of spouting nasty rhetoric and mindless drivel, without being held accountable, spoiled.

See the editor’s explanation, and the responses it generated, here:

InDaily is changing the way we publish reader comments, in a move designed to create a better forum for the community’s views.

Rethinking InDaily’s comments section

Angry Guy

Where’s the editor?


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