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Dumbarton Road concrete still has serious rebar

Passed my favourite lump of concrete today, and could see it a bit better since there’s no work going on a Saturday.

While the view is only over the top of the site gate, it just adds to the mystery for me.

Archive pics show the building was only four storeys, similar to an ordinary Glasgow tenement, yet the windowless building which stood here seems to have been hugely over-engineered, with concrete that appeared to be metres thick, with a layer of decorative blocks laid around it, and the concrete being a mass of rebar – steel reinforcement bars.

I spotted the tangled rebar twisted from earlier demolition weeks ago.

This view shows the same, even after much of what was there has been broken down and removed.

There’s STILL a tangled mass of rebar sticking out of what appears to be a massive concrete base for such a relatively small building.

I really do wonder what was going on in this building.

What was its purpose?

Why did it need all that concrete and rebar?

Dumbarton Road concrete rebar

Dumbarton Road concrete rebar

The windowless building, as spotted by Street View.

Dumbarton Road Western Infirmary Building 2018

Dumbarton Road Western Infirmary Building 2018

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