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Ferries used to be fun

Years ago, I used to enjoy finding ferry stories in the news.

Even the bad ones were fun as they often brought together two sides with widely opposing views, one of which was promoted by reasonably sensible people, while the other was clearly coming from a bunch of dafties.

In other words, one side was ‘right’, while the other was (probably) ‘wrong’ (or driven by some sort of agenda it had, rather than by something sensible and logical).


No such fun, or even an easy way to determine who’s right or who’s wrong, who’s honest, or who’s being economic with the truth.

The last battery/diesel hybrid ferry story sank without trace after a while around a decade ago – last I heard of it was when someone sent me an email claiming the project had been a screw-up, and the batteries used were crap, and all had to be replaced shortly after the build was completed.

I don’t know if that’s true, as I couldn’t even track down further information about that project – so with no verification I was never able to post about it.

Sadly, there are plenty of stories online about the two newest Scottish ferries, , and all bad: MV Glen Sannox, intended to be in service on the Arran route last year, and an unnamed boat, Hull 802, intended to serve the Outer Hebrides.

It’s just embarrassing, when it should really be innovative.

Troubled CalMac ferries ‘may’ be ready next year

As I said at the start, I used to like reading/writing about out ferries.


All At Sea


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