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Oh look – did Aldi make more of the beneficial dark chocolate ‘leak’ than Lidl?

I recently noted: Was dark chocolate brain benefits report leaked to Lidl?

This was after noting the sneaky way they gradually raised the price of their dark chocolate digestive biscuits just before this news was released, and even reduced the price of the less desirable milk chocolate variety (to maintain sales?).

I didn’t have a handy Aldi to visit frequently, so I couldn’t be watching the prices in the same way back then – we only got a local one recently.

I just noticed that while Lidl’s dark chocolate eventually crept up to 49 p per packet (milk chocolate being a mere 42 p)…

Aldi had been bolder, and their dark chocolate digestives are currently up at a whopping 51 p per packet.

Aldi chocolate digestive prices

Aldi chocolate digestive prices

I wonder if that is because someone knows that food faddists and health nuts are mugs who will happily cough up the cash for anything they are told is ‘better’ than something else (with or without evidence)?



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