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Should we be mad or sad at stupid parents?

We’ve already seen the damage that a combination of lies, misinformation, and stupid people can do, thanks to the actions of one man followed by a load of anti-vaxers (and bandwagon jumping celebrities who saw a way to get a lot of free publicity by ‘educating’ their moronic fans, and advising them not to vaccinate, like them).

Years of damage need to be undone, as vaccination depends on a population participating, and the lies of one man’s discredited report have disrupted that.

If you haven’t heard, there’s no link between autism and vaccination!

There’s a similar mythology spread by some, based on belief rather than evidence, that certain types of radio emissions are harmful.

As usual, they emphasise their nonsense by claiming children are at risk, and trying to shame anyone who doesn’t support their dogma.

Reading some of their nonsense, they’ll even try to scare non-believers by listing the same hazards for non-ionising radiation (ie radio waves) as for ionising radiation (ie nuclear radiation).

It’s hard to fault uneducated parents who are confused, and think they’re doing the right thing. On the other hand, it gives the loonies credibility and traction, and as we saw in the case of vaccination, CAN cause actual harm to others.

Those of working/trained in these industries and subjects can only look on, and shake our heads as we read news such as…

Parents remove children from island school over 5G mast

I suspect a study of such reactions would show more verifiable damage from such responses than could be shown (via factual data) to be due to any of the supposed harmful effects being claimed via belief rather than independently verifiable scientific evidence.

It should also be realised that such actions could hinder testing of secret/covert projects which can’t be tested in public.

Death Ray

Death Ray

Tin foil wrapped kids

I wonder if those same ‘caring and concerned’ parents realise that we live in a world saturated by radio waves of all frequencies, covering the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Just taking them away from ONE transmitter is not going to prevent them being permeated by such signals.

See, for example: Revealed: 5G rollout is being stalled by rows over lampposts 

Maybe they don’t have any lampposts on the island 😉

I wonder if anyone has told them about Cosmic Rays, constantly bombarding us all 24/7, and which ARE dangerous if they hit a cell nucleus, and can cause mutations. Don’t tell them that despite the number, few such collisions cause harm, but they do happen. Better to tell them that nothing stops Cosmic Rays, not even the whole of the planter Earth – they just pass straight through it (and you if you’re standing in their path).

Those parents will have to wrap their kids in tin foil to protect them (even though it doesn’t work, but don’t tell them that either).

Think of the children

Think of the children

While many think wrapping things in tin foil stops electromagnetic radiation getting to them, in the belief that it forms a Faraday Cage around them, sadly, that’s not the reality, and it takes a lot more than that to do the job.

In fact, even genuine Faraday Cages, or screened rooms, don’t work unless very carefully designed, built, and maintained.

Rooms costing tens of thousands of £££ can be defeated if not.

This was one of my businesses, and we once found such a room installed in Faslane (yes, THAT Faslane) and completely ineffective.

The failure was not found by tests (which apparently the room passed on first installation) but when someone noticed the painters finishing the cosmetic part of the install were… LISTENING TO MUSIC ON THEIR RADIO!

In a screened room – no one can hear a radio.

Technically, everything was correct – apart from some corrosion/oxidisation which had developed on the edges where the walls and doors contacted one another, due to the time it took to build the room.

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