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Take pensioner benefits and give them to young people – THAT seem like a good idea

This is one of those stories that stuck in my head, and wouldn’t go away until I gave it a mention.

If it wasn’t so serious and dangerous (pensioners could die) it would almost be funny.

But, I seem to have spent my life being told the various taxes and deduction made from my wages are made in order to fund the benefits I will receive when I become a pensioner.

(These things I was told then began to hurt my head after a while, since I was also told to be grateful my parents’ taxes and deductions paid for them – so I learned fairly early on that politically based logic was based on the logic of insanity.)

And I also seem to recall being told I (and other young people just out of school) we were ‘lucky’ the state handed us benefits even though we hadn’t (then) paid anything into the system to pay for them.

So, the idea of taking benefits from pensioners would seem to be a ridiculous idea thought up by peers who are mostly very privileged – independently wealthy and well-paid – so not conversant with the phenomenon most ordinary elderly are likely to ‘enjoy’… pensioner poverty.

“Outdated” age-specific benefits for older people should be replaced with support for the young to “deliver a fairer society”, say peers.

The Committee on Intergenerational Fairness urged ministers to focus on housing and training, rather than benefits like free TV licences.

Committee chair Lord True said failing to rebalance policies could risk the “strong bond” between the generations.

But campaigners warned against changes, saying pensioner poverty was rising.

The committee – made up of Labour, Tory, Liberal Democrat and crossbench peers – issued a raft of recommendations, both to “retain the supportive relationship between generations” and to plan for the “100-year life” that younger people can expect to become the norm.

Suggested improvements include:

  • Ensuring local authorities have specific planning policies to meet the housing needs of younger and older people
  • Increasing training funding for young people who don’t go to college or university
  • Making sure those who work for the “gig” economy – getting paid per “gig” – have the same rights as other workers

The peers also propose changes to benefits for older people, including:

  • Removing the triple lock for pensions, which raises the basic state pension by the rate of average earnings increases, inflation or 2.5% – whichever is higher
  • Phasing out free TV licences based on age (currently free for over-75s) and ensuring the government decides on whether to give free licences based on household income
  • Limiting free bus passes for the over-65s and winter fuel payments until five years after retirement age

‘End pensioner benefits to help young’, peers say

What could possibly be wrong with that idea?

Teenagers would certainly ‘benefit’ and not have to worry about being caught on CCTV while stealing from pensioners.

Teen steals from pensioner

Teen steals from pensioner

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