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Today is Quiche Lorraine Day

20 May is Quiche Lorraine Day.

The humble quiche is one of the tastiest dishes you can have. Served either warm or cold, and packed with ham or veg, this is a super versatile meal that goes with all sorts of sides, and it’s even simple to make (but I never have – I really really should).

A quiche is a type of open-topped pie, comprising a case of shortcrust pastry filled with savoury egg custard and a choice of vegetables and meats, to suit your tastes. Often regarded as being of French cuisine, some say it may have started life in medieval Germany.

The quiche lorraine is named after the Lorraine region of France, where it was created as an open pie filled up with savoury custard and cubes of pork fat. Today, you’re more likely to find it made with bacon cubes rather than fat, which sounds a lot better to me.

It was originally made without cheese, but nowadays you’ll find most recipes call for this addition (of your choice). Traditionally, it doesn’t include onions – if you do add onions to your quiche Lorraine… seems you’re actually making a quiche Alsacienne.

I guess my family was rather conservative, and I didn’t even taste this treat until I was what teenagers refer to as… ‘old’. But I love the chance to have it now.

Sadly, some quiche arrives more like bricks and cement – no thanks.

I like mine to be more like pudding, soft and melty, even falling apart, rather than tough and chewy.

Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine

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