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Stranded cat? Leave it alone, and it will come home

Fortunately, a cat story with a happy ending.

Began with Bridge cat stuck for six days still stranded after rescue fails

In fact, I’d class this outcome as funny.

Reason being I come from a long line of Glasgow cat owners, who were (in the ‘old days’ at least) very practical.

One piece of advice from those days was not to fuss over a cat that had got itself into some sort of precarious scenario.

The logic was that a crowd of people gathering around it, poking and prodding, and doing various things to ‘persuade’ it to leave that scenario was more likely to get it entrenched, rather than entice it.

This story seems to reinforce that old view…

A cat which was stuck on a bridge for six days wandered home hours after a £5,000 rescue mission was abandoned.

Hatty, a five-year-old Maine Coon-Serengeti cross, had been perched on a ledge of the Royal Albert Bridge, which connects Plymouth, in Devon, and Saltash, in Cornwall for almost a week.

Fire crews and the RSPCA rushed out to rescue her and Network Rail were even making arrangements to close the rail line over the bridge, known locally as the Brunel Bridge.

One rescuer scaled to the top and attempted to coax the feline out with cat treats. Onlookers tried to send food up with catapults.

But Hatty would not be budged and was last seen peering out from behind a crevice under the famous bridge.

Fire crews eventually called off the rescue – which costs the taxpayer about £500 an hour – at 5pm on Wednesday.

However, they vowed to return the next day.

Just a few hours after everyone left, Hatty clambered down and suddenly appeared at home – with evidence she had eaten a seagull to stave off the hunger.

Cat ‘stranded’ on bridge for six days walks home after £5k rescue fails

Made me think of…

A cat, and a bridge:

High Cat

High Cat

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