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Better health advice from a pub sandwich board than most ‘Health’ web sites

For some reason, Secret Scotland attracts a constant stream of spam from scum bloggers who offer health advice.

I might add that WordPress offers no way of blocking them or their nonsense, nor do the WordPress staff respond positively or helpfully to any request for such and option – their best suggestions being to make your own blog ‘Private’ (meaning nobody can see it, unless given permission), or that you just ignore their constant attention, and just let them keep on using your blog comment area and ‘Likes’ to publicise their existence.

Dangerous people who are free to advise people to abandon conventional medication, even for cancer, and suck various herbs to cure their conditions, which THEY guarantee are 100% effective and natural – and nobody can take them to court for what amounts to murder.

The rest are just sad, telling people to eat disgusting diets and follow a rigorous schedule of ‘detoxing’ and ‘colon flushes’ to keep themselves clean and healthy.

This sandwich board seen outside a pub offers better health advice than any of those crooks and scammers.

Boozy Sandwich Board

Boozy Sandwich Board

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