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Was it really that nice on Monday? (Nope)

Looking at the pics I collected this week I was going to do a weather related series, but various problems have eaten the time not only for that, but some other goodies I collected during a week of travelling. Most of the material isn’t time sensitive, so I’ll be able to get around to it.

The weather was (almost) amusing, since I seemed to leave Glasgow in rotten weather, and arrive in Ayr in nice weather – but in reality, the rotten Glasgow weather was just moving slowly south, and by Thursday, Glasgow’s rain had arrived in Ayr, but not nearly as bad.

I couldn’t make the last day (Friday) so don’t know if it did get as bad as Glasgow by then, but do know it was wet (as in very wet) in Glasgow – as I was out in it later in the day.

Back to Monday (which was the day the weather started going downhill), I was toying with the idea of catching a mural near Kelvingrove, when a girl who had been on the bus decided to get off and walk through my shot. I’d seen her running for the bus, and had been impressed by… how she didn’t seem to feel the cold. The chap that can be seen walking behind, with what looks like a heavy coat on, was more suitably dressed for the day.

Nice Monday

Nice Monday

The weather really is nuts at times.

While I was out and about suffering from a constantly running nose in the cold at the start of the week, by Friday I was finding myself overdressed and bursting into a sweat as I wore a rainproof jacket, and decent shoes as the streets around here are almost flooded in places, as the rate of rainfall is pretty high at times, and paddling through large puddles is sometimes unavoidable.

There are some huge puddles at the side of the road, and they need to be avoided, or timed to pass when there is no traffic, unless you want a bath!



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