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A little bit of Wiltshire in Glasgow

If you happen to be on the Clyde Walkway or NCN75 section between the newish Clydeside Distillery and Riverside (transport museum), have a closer than normal look at what appears to be a cycle route marker on one of the wooden uprights supporting some billboards at the side of Stobcross Road, facing Kelvinhaugh and the SWG3 venue across the road.

Facing west along this path you’ll see a little cycle sign that appears to belong there.

It doesn’t!

Kelvinhaugh Wiltshire Cycleway

Kelvin haugh Wiltshire Cycleway

I’ve gone flying past this sign dozens of times without actually reading it, just seeing the little cycle on it.

Unless there’s some little-known area known as Wiltshire here (perhaps like Egypt in Tollcross), then this sign is definitely in the wrong place.

A little closer, just to be sure it’s not the tired old eyes playing tricks.

Wiltshire Cycleway sign

Wiltshire Cycleway sign

Either somebody’s having a laugh, and maybe found (or stole) this sign and ‘repurposed’ it (the screws don’t look ‘right’), or the supports for those billboards were made from reclaimed timber, and that sign just happened to be attached, and just happened to end up facing the right way on this Glasgow cycle route.

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