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I’ll go to hell for this – but I spotted a real howler (and a Commonwealth Game Legacy mythbuster)

I tend not to concentrate on writing errors, but when a source makes one in a headline and nobody spots it before the article is released, it’s hard not to mention it.

Hopefully to be edited and corrected, I grabbed this one in case it does change later.

Recording-breaking year

Recording-breaking year

RECORDING-Breaking Year For SEC Venues

Did they mean:

RECORD-Breaking Year For SEC Venues?

Glasgow Commonwealth Games Legacy myth

There a line almost hidden in this article…

Aside from the year of the Commonwealth Games in 2014, it was financially the most successful year in the history of the SEC. Trading turnover increased by 21 per cent to £35.1million.

The ‘Lasting Legacy’ myth of the dopey games must, of course, never be questioned (you may be ‘disappeared’ overnight if you do).

But that doesn’t stop me wondering what the SEC’s results were like for 2014, given that the year was specifically excluded from the years of financial success.

Did the SEC just not do as well in 2014?

Or did the great games cause it to make a loss that year?

If so, is that loss accounted for in the ‘creative accounting’ used to tell us how much of a great success the ‘Lasting Legacy’ of the 2014 Games was?

Confused Guy

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