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West End Festival kicks off

Arriving at the main entrance to Kelvingrove (one day I’ll work out how to refer to the ‘front’ and the ‘rear’ without starting an argument) yesterday, I almost the missed the fun going on at the other side of the building, where there was a crowd marking the start of the West End Festival.

I never even knew about this until a few years ago – we don’t have things like this in the east end.

This is the first time I’ve even seen it for real, after someone shared some pics, asked a question, and I had no idea what they were rambling about.

I even picked up a programme, maybe there will be something to take a wander along to see during the month.

Apparently THIS is what we do for fun in the east end:

East end area where social housing approved is riddled with drug dealers and prostitution

Kelvingrove forecourt West End Festival

Kelvingrove forecourt West End Festival


Kelvingrove forecourt West End Festival

Kelvingrove forecourt West End Festival


West End Festival 2019 logo

Well, look at this, the story behind the above.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery outdoor ceilidh – watch as over 1,000 dancers take part

And the festival’s web site:

West End Festival

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The little old lady that wasn’t

At the risk of infuriating all the feminists, I have to confess that while all the elderly females in my family were matriarchs who held all others in check, outside of that environment they were best described as ‘lost souls’, entirely dependent on the men of the family to look after them.

I don’t think I ever saw any of them go out alone, and only did so with their male ‘half’, or as a pack.

For that reason, I’m always slightly in awe of those I see in places such as Kelvingrove, on their own, loaded up with backpacks/bags, and wearing clothes that would have given my grandmother a fit had she been handed them and expected to be seen in public wearing them.

I thought I’d seen one such grey-haired example below me, when I looked down from one of the balconies in Kelvingrove, all wrapped up in a bulky coat and buried under a scarf.

I was wrong.

I looked back when I was further along the gallery…

Not Little Old Lady

Not Little Old Lady

Good job I didn’t offer to help her across the road!

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Today is Ball Point Pen Day

10 June is Ball Point Pen Day.

I think there is a degree of snobbery regarding the ball point pen, from the older fountain pen users.

That’s sad, and I don’t want to be associated with it (and I hope any fountain pen snobs get bent nibs too).

My fountain pens ARE worth/cost much more than any ball point I have, but that’s purely down to the engineering being built into the fountain pen’s body, rather than the refill or insert in the case of the ball point.

Many years separate the invention of the two, and they are quite different, and both deserving of praise and admiration for their achievements and abilities. Both deserve a little admiration.

The inventive Bíró brothers, László and György, became owners of US Patent 2,390,636 in June 1943, and so the ball point pen arrived.

The Hungarians’ new pen had been inspired by quick-drying inks used by professional printers, and was as remarkable a creation as the first fountain pen had been some 100 years earlier.

Today, their invention is seen by many as the ultimate cheap and disposable product, yet when it first appeared it was a luxury product, affordable only by the rich.

While mass-produced plastic version are treated carelessly (author Douglas Adams conceived of a planet containing all the lost ball point pens in the universe), some of the most expensive pens are also ball points, crafted from rare and expensive metals, and decorated with diamonds and other jewels.

While I can’t describe the process here, it’s interesting to see how the tiny metal balls that give the ball point its name are mass-produced.

No, they’re not made by tiny workers working on even tinier lathes – their manufacturing process involves grinding massive numbers all at once.

Ball Point

Ball Point

This may not be the biggest or most impressive pic of a Ball Point ever seen, but it is one of the cleanest.

While looking for a decent image, I was appalled at the lack of care taken in most such pics, splattered with ink all over the tip, and covered with fluff and dirt that the photographer had simply not bothered to clean off before taking the shot.

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