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Watch out! Sunday parking charging comes to Glasgow on 30 June – with Update

Since I’ve already been priced off the road, this has no relevance for me.

But, I can add it to an ever growing list of things from my past which have been taken away, and can no longer be enjoyed.

It was inevitable, along with the increasing radius of the ‘parking charge’ catchment area which has slowly grown over the years.

It never really bothered me.

If I had to work in Glasgow, then my expenses (ie the customer) paid for any parking charges I incurred, and I either went into Glasgow during the evenings and weekends when such charges were once not applicable outwith the working day.

In fact, one of the two parking tickets I was ever given appeared on my car on a Saturday evening, around 17:00, which was particularly irritating as it was issued in a street I used to park in every week – because parking restrictions didn’t apply after 13:00 on Saturdays. The overzealous traffic warden guilty of this heinous wrongdoing had actually ticketed every car sitting in West Nile Street, either ignoring the applicable times, or had failed to check the sign, and assumed ‘Working Day’ times applied to this street.

I did indeed return the ticket with a complaint.

They not only cancelled the ticket…

Some time later I noticed they cut down the pole that carried the sign which gave the parking restriction times!

I’ve got a pic of the stub, as I was so amazed at what was done. Unfortunately, it was so long ago, that pic’s on film, not digital.

This is roughly the same spot today – where they have now restored the pole, so they can display restrictions 🙂

Blue Lagoon West Nile Street

West Nile Street

MOTORISTS face Sunday parking charges in Glasgow City Centre from Sunday 30 June.

Glasgow City Council say the new regulations will make on-street parking more frequently available to shoppers, visitors, tourists, blue badge holders and residents on Sundays.

The council add that improved parking regulations are known to reduce congestion and this in turn should improve air quality in the city centre.

Under the new measures, a number of taxi ranks will be extended or introduced across the city centre to provide further alternative options for people travelling to and from town.

Signage that highlights the new measures is being installed across the city centre but enforcement will not start until Sunday 30 June.

GLASGOW City Council Announce Sunday Parking Charge Start Date

Even the BBC noticed.

Free Sunday parking in Glasgow city centre to be scrapped

Free parking in Glasgow city centre on Sundays to end

Of course, this needs to be given time to see if it has any effect on anything.

But it is interesting to reflect on other stories which can be found in the media relating to the claims of ‘Death of the High Street’.

And the approach by other cities where they have chosen to ADD free parking periods in order to attract shoppers at certain times.


Something of a revelation.

This move was implemented WITHOUT an environmental report being prepared into its effects.

I’m genuinely surprised by this admission, as this sort of presumptive and “We KNOW we are right” implantation is something I was used to seeing come from the previous council, not the present, which has surprised me by the way it has been taking such things as relevant reports, studies, analyses, and local views into account BEFORE doing what amounts to little more than issuing a decree.

Glasgow City Council received more than 600 objections to new parking charges which come into effect next week, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

Data obtained from the council shows strong objections from people in Glasgow, while also suggesting that no study into the environmental advantages of the new rules was carried out.

The council received 649 letters of objection over plans in the city centre, with just six notes of support from the public.

The council announced the commencement of Sunday charges for June 30 last night, saying it was as a result of “recent consultation on measures to reduce city centre congestion on a Sunday.”

They added: “The new measures aim to encourage people to use more sustainable forms of transport, including buses, trains, cycling and walking. In turn this should improve air quality in the city centre.”

However, it was also revealed that the council did not produce a report into the potential environmental advantages of new parking charges, instead consulting their Environmental Sustainable Glasgow Team.

Responding to questions posed in the Freedom of Information request, the council said: “No environmental reports were carried out.

“However, the Council’s Environmental Sustainable Glasgow Team were consulted on the proposals.

Glasgow City Council pushes forward with Sunday parking charge without environmental report

It will be interesting to see if there is now any fallout from this reveal, or if it is just ignored and the charges are introduced regardless, with no further comment.

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