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Loch Lomond Flamingo Land leisure park plan thrown out (so far)

Another item came to a head while I was out of circulation, so just to tie it up neatly…

Plans for a £30m leisure park on the shores of Loch Lomond have been unanimously rejected by West Dunbartonshire councillors.

The controversial Lomond Banks development – a joint venture between theme park operator Flamingo Land and Scottish Enterprise – include plans for a hotel, hostel, restaurants, craft brewery, boat house, leisure centre and six private houses in the Balloch area.

A Save Loch Lomond petition was set up in response to the development, with the campaign group arguing the need to preserve the national park for future generations.

Led by Scottish Greens MSP Ross Greer, the petition has so far generated over 56,000 formal objections to the plans.

Mr Greer welcomed the council’s decision, branding the development as the “most unpopular planning application in Scottish history“.

Given that the process is not yet complete, I wouldn’t rule out anything being done in order to push this through ‘By other means’.

This is outside my area, but I’ve also read enough planning applications to have seen that some which might have been considered to have been ‘Dead and Buried’ were able to drag on for years as wealthy backers/proposers tried all sort of ruses to get them approved, with no end of changes and tweaks to the original application being made in an effort to make them conform to rulings, and bypass objections.

Although West Dunbartonshire Council opposed the plans on Wednesday evening, the final decision will be made by the board of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park.

No date has been set for the decision as the consultation and statutory planning stages are still ongoing, but a full public hearing will be held before the final verdict.

A spokesperson for Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority said: “As the planning authority considering a live application, it is not appropriate at this stage for any comment to be made on consultation responses received or the proposals themselves.

“With all the main consultation responses now received, planning officers can finalise the assessment of these complex proposals against relevant planning policies, consultation responses and the large number of public comments received.

“The next stage is for an officer report, with a recommendation to either approve with conditions or refuse the application, to be presented to the national park board.

“The board has already agreed that a site visit followed by a full public hearing should be held before a planning decision is taken to ensure that people who have commented on the application have the opportunity to speak.

“Dates for the special hearing and board meeting are currently being identified and will be publicised to all interested parties when confirmed.”

Councillors vote against £30m Loch Lomond leisure park

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Councillors reject plans to build Flamingo Land on Loch Lomond shores

Like I suggested in my previous post, that the proposal should even have got as far as it did just makes me wonder what the National Park Authority is there for.

I’d think someone should be calling for it to be investigated, or for its remit to be reviewed to see if it is appropriate, or even fit for purpose.

I just hope that by the time I think I’m fit enough to cycle to Balloch for a nice day out, it will still be there, and not have be fenced off and have admission tickets for sale.


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