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Ever wondered where George Square’s webcam hides?

Going back a few years, George Square enjoyed having two webcams overlooking its activities.

Both lay behind windows of Glasgow City Chambers, but there’s now only one, roughly in the middle of the top storey. The other was closer to the southern corner, and South Frederick Street.

I was seldom in Glasgow when it was active, and never spotted it.

However, after using the remaining one to check on Glasgow before heading in (sad to say, the reason for doing so was Scotland’s lovely weather, which has recently managed to be soaking wet whenever interesting events were taking place in the Square, so I stayed home, and dry). The weather is better now, so I lined up a few markers as spotted from the webcam view, and decided to try locating it.

Unlike the first try, this effort proved that a little planning makes this a lot easier.

Can you see it?

Glasgow City Chambers George Square webcan

Glasgow City Chambers George Square webcan

Does this help?

Glasgow City Chambers George Square webcam window

Glasgow City Chambers George Square webcam window

Let’s return the favour, and take a REALLY close look.

George Square Webcam

George Square Webcam

Here’s the link, so you can take a look at the view:

George Square Webcam

While the view’s not too bad, it does suffer from being behind that window, so when it rains in the ‘wrong’ direction the image is adversely affected.

There’s not much point in visiting this webcam when its dark either.

One of the square’s spot/floodlight is aimed right down the camera’s throat, and the glare wipes out any chance of seeing anything when it’s dark.

I’ve given up emailing the council, and responding to their request for feedback on the cam page.

Months after finding this problem nobody shinned up the pole and given the offending light a shove.

And when the post was made – surprise surprise, it started raining, in Scotland!

George Square daytime webcam

George Square daytime webcam

And when it gets dark, it looks something like this – great view of the floodlight.

George Square webcam glare

George Square webcam glare

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