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Let’s look at the REAL weather

While the media has centred on one or two sunny days (a novelty in Scotland – just kidding), the reality is they’re really only a few peaks in an otherwise dull summer to date.

While those days have happened, the reality is that most days are STILL able to leave you with a cold and slightly runny nose if you spend the entire day outside and the sun doesn’t shine on you. And late evening walk can still be decidedly chilly. Even pushing a bike along can become similarly chilly if you are dressed for a warmer day.

If you don’t believe me, then have a look at the graphs I extracted this morning, after it was even cooler this morning thanks to some pretty constant rain that has ben falling since just after midnight.

I took this back to April, just to show the three ‘Hot Spots’ we’ve had so far, while the average really stays well below, so far at least, even if there is an overall rise – it’s slow.

April to July Temp 2019

April to July Temp 2019

I can’t pick the dates for this Min/Max graph, but it shows the current period to date, and far from showing an increasing average, without the peak Hot Spots, has actually shown a DROP in the average over the last few days.

June Min Max Ave 2019

June Min Max Ave 2019

So, while the media jumps up and down and waves its arms proclaiming ‘Heatwave!’, I’m afraid the stark reality (so far at least) is not really all that warm if you ignore the peaks.

And I don’t have to worry about becoming a dog, since my nose seems to be ‘cold and wet’ most times I go outside.

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