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Bailliston surprises

Sometimes, even I don’t realise how long it may have been since a route change meant I don’t see some places for a while.

I had no idea I hadn’t haunted Baillieston’s Main Street for so long that there had been time to open a new shop, and do some building work.

First up was the former ice cream parlour (a short term move that didn’t stick when the venue went back to the smaller shop it lived in, in the midst of the busy section of the main street) which occupied what had been an electrical retailer for years.

Now, the place has ‘gone to the dogs’ 🙂

Baillieston Dog Grooming

Baillieston Dog Grooming

I couldn’t resist a closer look at the weird hand symbol over the door – I’m trying NOT to imagine what it means they do to the poor dogs.

Baiilieston Main Street Dog Grooming Hand

Dog Grooming Hand

While I knew the shop had been taken over ages ago and was just waiting to see what arrived, I had no idea about the following, which was completely unexpected.

I don’t think I ever saw these buildings in use, or if I did, it was so long ago I have no recollection whatsoever.

Unlike the old police station which used to lie adjacent, they have survived decades of dereliction, while the old police station only stood for few years once ‘The Force’ moved out.

The little one in the foreground just decayed quietly, but the taller one behind did feature occasional ‘For Sale’ signs, and even enjoyed the odd ‘For Sale by Auction’ sign over the years, but the only interest it ever seemed to get was from the pigeons which took it over, and lived there once the windows had been smashed.

I’ve always been amazed they survived from year to year, and look set to be there for years to come once the refurb is complete.

Baillieston Main Street Redevelopment

Baillieston Main Street Redevelopment



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