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News of the Waverley’s return in 2020 looks good

While I suspect the total funding it not in place, the latest (good) news about the Waverley suggest those looking after the repair and restoration are up to speed, as it takes time for all the goodies needed for the work to be prepared, and for the work to be planned.

Leave that too late, and the whole project can slip far behind the required schedule.

Plans to return the world’s last sea-going paddle steamer to full service have taken a major step forward after its owners placed an order for new boilers.

A “make or break” £2.3m fundraising appeal was launched last month to safeguard the future of the Waverley after the ship was withdrawn from service following the discovery of significant structural defects.

Today, Paul Semple, general manager of Waverley Excursions, confirmed it had placed an order for the ship’s new boilers at Cochrane Limited, an internationally renowned boiler specialist firm in Annan, with a view to securing the Waverley’s future for the next 20 years.

While those behind the appeal stressed the need for further donations, the order is seen as a significant step towards returning the steamship – a longstanding fixture on the waters of the Firth of Clyde – to full service.

Mr Semple said: “This is the first step in returning Waverley back to service, and we’ve only been able to take that first step because of the donations we’ve received so far.

“We’ve spent the last two months, since we announced Waverley’s withdrawal, planning the technical refit. By the nature of it, we have to start ordering the major components now, and that’s why we’ve therefore placed the orders for the new boilers.”

He also clarified that the £2.3m appeal target covered not only the cost of replacing the boilers, but included the need or a new electrical switchboard in the engine room, generators, and an oil and water separator.

The costs of the overhaul in the shipyard would be “significant” in terms of lifting the ship’s funnels off, he emphasised, with other expenses including insurance, pilotage and towage fees.

Historic steamship the Waverley could sail again in 2020

While the news is good for the Waverley, once again the ‘Comment Section’ after the article is a complete embarrassment to Scots and Scotland as it is hijacked by the sort of mindless moron who can only express their twisted opinions in places where they can do so without fear of ending up in the Clyde, under the Waverley.

It would have made a nice opening scene for ‘Taggart‘, as the Waverley’s paddles stirred up body parts, and the shocked crew called for an emergency stop, and camera panned across their shocked faces 😉

Pacific Quay PS Waverley

Pacific Quay PS Waverley

Waverley hopes to be sailing by next year as new boilers are ordered

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