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And the ferry ‘fun’ just goes on

While I may have given up on commenting on the decades of fun certain people have already had at the expense of those running Scotland’s ferries, that doesn’t mean I have to ignore the ongoing hilarity.

My generalisation stands, that there’s a noisy, vocal, clique which, for whatever reason, just says ‘NO’ to whatever is done regarding ferries (and CalMac in particular), and that they’d still whine and complain in just the same way if there were twice the number of ferries sailing, and they were free too use.

Don’t misinterpret that, there are genuine issues, but they’re nothing to do with ferry services as such, for example, the current nonsense which has developed regarding the supply of two new ferries being built on the Clyde.

Bet they wish they’d had them built in Poland.

And so it goes on, with people trying to play at winning ‘Brownie Points’.

More whining, no action, and, of course, Cmal’s to blame…

An independent inquiry into the future of West Coast ferry services is now a necessity, writes Brian Wilson.

An open letter to staff from a respected Caledonian MacBrayne skipper, retiring after 34 years, did not miss and hit the pier.

This account makes Fred Karno’s Circus seem like a smooth operation. Linkspans that don’t fit cardecks. Gangways that don’t fit ferries. Transient management in Gourock that doesn’t listen to seafaring experience. And so on.

What is to be done? Many problems trace back to a quango called Caledonian Marine Assets Limited, chaired by a Danish logistics expert and including nobody from the ports CalMac serves.

Respected skipper’s letter exposes dire state of West Coast ferries – Brian Wilson

The next whine will be along shortly.

Sinking boat


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