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Kelvingrove Folk Dance Festival

I arrive late at Kelvingrove yesterday, and thought this event was more or less over since the area they had been using in front of the museum seemed to have largely been cleared of their equipment, and it looked as if they were tidying up.

When I got inside, I found they many of them were sitting in the central hall, and were all set to listen to the organ recital.

However, as usual, I was wrong, and as I headed for the bus, the music started up, so I had to go back for at least a pic, or two.

Folk Dancers at Kelvingrove

Folk Dancers at Kelvingrove

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Kelvingrove monitor problem – still

Maybe I shouldn’t have started posting this every time I see it.

But, I thought it would have been cleared quickly.

Oh well…

This was Sunday’s, as we were able to watch Christopher Nickol’s feet, but not his hands.

This time, the keyboard monitor was showing Glasgow Museum’s figure of 3.7 million visitors.

3.7 million? Just imagine if they were all held upside down at the door, and gave as much to run the museums as I do every year, through my Council Tax. That would solve the problem of the paltry £7.5 million needed to rescue the Winter Garden glasshouse at the People’s Palace.

Please don’t take my flippant remark seriously.

In fact, every time I stand at the balcony in Kelvingrove, I get to watch the visitors (many of whom are tourists), and am seriously impressed as they fold up £5 and £10 notes (and larger!) and shove them into the donation boxes.

So, here’s yesterday’s pic of the monitors.

Kelvingrove Monitor Problem

Kelvingrove Monitor Problem

Since the chandelier hides the camera, here’s where it’s mounted, above the performer.

Kelvingrove Organ Keyboard Camera

Kelvingrove Organ Keyboard Camera

The above is already a fairly close zoom, but I tried a look at the screen on the camcorder, in case it offered any clues.

While I could almost read it, I couldn’t get a decent pic in the subdued lighting of the museum, bearing in mind the focal length for this shot is just short of 800 mm, so not even two anti-shake systems are really going to help with slow shutter speeds and max aperture. This was the only ‘lucky’ shot out of a dozen blurs.

Kelvingrove Keyboard Cam Screen

Kelvingrove Keyboard Cam Screen

I had better luck with an unusual audience which settled down to enjoy the longer Sunday recital (I’ll try to mention them in another post).

Kelvingrove Organ Recital Folk Dancer Audience

Kelvingrove Organ Recital Folk Dancer Audience


There was one other notable ‘audience’.

Came complete with lunch 🙂

Kelvingrove Organ Recital Snack

Kelvingrove Organ Recital Snack

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Who’s this mystery photographer guy?

So. since it was a nice night, I decided to take a quick whizz up to Charing Cross, and see how the new ‘Avenues’ project and the cycle path on Sauchiehall Street were coming along.

It’s all quite close to completion now, after months of works, and the only really noticeable work is a fenced of hole in front of the unfortunate o2abc centre, which is the only part of the cycle path that can’t be ridden on.

But, before I got that far, I got a little surprise as headed  past the Savoy Centre – and a guy walking towards me suddenly grabbed a camera took a flash pic as I approached.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that (unless he’s doing it for some ‘iffy’ reason, when he WOULD need consent) as it’s a public place, and I wasn’t doing anything even remotely wrong, cycling slowly in a pedestrian precinct. I try to avoid people, not point cameras directly at them in public.

But, unless he was using a VERY professional dSLR with an ISO up around 51200 (and this clearly wasn’t, as it was just a camera, maybe even just a phone camera, sitting on his chest), then at the distance the flash fired, it wasn’t really going to illuminate anything. I know, I’ve tried, and still suffer pain from trying not to laugh when tourists use flash to photograph the organ in Kelvingrove, from 20 metres or more,

As you can see, he has actually got a camera with a flash attached, hanging from his shoulder.

I was just taken a little by surprise, and do hope I don’t see myself portrayed as ‘Another damned cyclist riding on the pavement’ on some ant-cycling nut’s blog.

As I noted, cyclists are encouraged by the council to use pedestrian precincts, despite the use of ‘pedestrian’ in their name.

I really shouldn’t try these long shots in the dark, this was around 9:45 pm last night (and I didn’t want to get close, in case he really was a weirdo), so the shutter was never going stop the blur, even if the anti-shake did its job.

Mystery Photographer

Mystery Photographer

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Today is Tapioca Pudding Day

15 July is Tapioca Pudding Day.

(Not to be confused with the recent Tapioca Day.)

It may be an oldie, but it’s a great oldie when prepared properly.

Forget the sort of sludge made by those who could probably burn water if they tried to cook it.

Treat yourself to some properly prepared tapioca pudding, forget the past, and just enjoy.

I’m a sucker for just about any pudding, except…

Macaroni pudding.

It’s OK, but just can’t enjoy it in any way.

I’d never even had this until recently, when some turned up as part of a meal.

The problem?

I’ve just eaten Macaroni & Cheese for too long – and my taste-buds and expectation of what macaroni will taste like are just too entrenched in that past, so the sweet experience when my brain and eyes have preset me to process savoury is just to great to overcome.

Sad, innit?

Tapioca Pudding

Tapioca Pudding

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