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HELP! A kitten was lost near Glasgow Green and TRNSMT on Saturday

An appeal has been made for help to find a kitten lost somewhere near Glasgow Green and the TRNSMT festival on Saturday.

Unfortunately, the person the kitten escaped from was a stranger to the area, and can’t identify exactly where it happened.

Gabrielle, a 12-week-old British shorthair, is micro-chipped and had never been outside before, and was being driven on from her breeder’s home in Ayrshire to her new owner’s home in Ibrox.

Due to the heat, the breeder’s husband stopped to give the kitten some water, but she bolted and disappeared.

April added: “We’ve searched, phoned the vets, the microchip company and the SPCA but we’ve found nothing in the city centre.

“I’m just a disabled person hoping for another loving companion that is now missing and vulnerable in a busy place, she is only a baby so I’m worried about what is going to happen to her.

“She has now been over 48 hours without her usual cat food routine and water always available.

“She is only a baby so she won’t last.”

If you’ve seen Gabrielle, please phone 07474948507.

Kitten vanishes near TRNSMT site – owner launches desperate appeal for information

Sad to say, I had something similar happen many years ago (not my cat), but the outcome was not good, and I suspect this will not end well.

I would love to be proved wrong.

Lost Kitten Gabrielle - Pic via GlasgowLive

Lost Kitten Gabrielle – Pic via GlasgowLive

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