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It’s ‘Hunt the New Murals’ time

When I first read about a new set of murals being added around Glasgow, there was one, as seen below.

Midland Street Mural one

Midland Street Mural one

However, by the time I got there on foot, as opposed to shoogling past on a bus, it had gained a partner, and there was two.

Midland Street Mural two

Midland Street Mural two

Sadly, it’s been vandalised already, with somebody adding ‘tramp stamps’ and a piercing ūüė¶

I thought this was all I was going to come across, but when I was dragged past the ‘lovely couple’, I spotted a third area apparently¬† being prep’d by a guy on a mobile lifting platform, so I guess I’ll just have to keep watching out of that bus window.


As I sped into St Andrews Street last night, what did I see in front of me?

Another new face!

St Andrews Street Mural

St Andrews Street Mural

If the pics look a bit grimy, then that’s because the first two came from Midland Street, which is a tunnel, while the third was taken around 22:15.

I’m trying to cut my blogging time, so pics may get less processing.


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