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Kelvingrove organ monitor problem – FIXED!

There was a certain degree of PANIC! in Apollo Towers this morning, as a quick glance at the calendar showed this to be one of Aaron Hawthorne’s recital days (if you attend these, you’ll understand).

The problem was that I was slumming around the house, casually dealing with small ‘problems’, with no intention of going out.

Now, it was after 11:45, I wasn’t dressed to go out, and the recital started at 13:00.

By some mysterious set of coincidences, I got changed, got to the nearest bus stop in a little under 5 minutes (usually a 10-minute walk – thank goodness I took up casual running a while ago) – and arrived at the same time as the bus, to end up standing on the Kelvingrove balcony at the unbelievable time of 12:50, a whole 10 minutes EARLY!

I must try that again – arrival there is usually 5 or 10 minutes AFTER 1 pm, and the stert of the recital, if I leave home after about 11:30.

I could have cycled and got there even sooner, but after seeing the various transport disruptions around Glasgow over the weekend (but more so because of on/off rain during the morning), I didn’t fancy that option.

I’m glad I panicked and made the effort – the organ monitor problem has been FIXED!

I was surprised to see this, as my ‘early arrival’ had let me see that the offending monitor appeared to be dead, or at least was showing a blank screen, while the other was showing the usual Glasgow Life videos. I thought they’d maybe had to give up on it.

However, come 1 o’clock, the remote control came out, a member of the museum staff walked out into the central hall, and BOTH monitors responded to the order to change to their respective organ views.

I still stay fairly firmly glued to the one showing the pedalboard (and there were a few pieces played exclusively on that today) as it’s fascinating to see how much of the performance originates there, but it’s nice to have both.

Kelvingrove Organ Monitor Fixed for Aaron

Kelvingrove Organ Monitor Fixed for Aaron


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Spotted another ‘Big Heid’ mural – lurking in Dumbarton Road

I spotted another ‘Big Heid’ mural recently, but only got the chance to take a pic today.

Almost lurking just behind some vegetation, this one is on the shuttering at the bottom of the Pontecorvo Building in Dumbarton Road.

This one’s hard to place correctly – I’m not entirely sure of the details, but as far as I can see (from various maps) this is where this road changes its name from Argyle Street to the east, and becomes Dumbarton Road to the west, at the entrance to Glasgow University, and Maggie’s (cancer centre).

If that’s wrong, add a comment with details – I’m never sure since I found this spot, and had previously been assuming the change took place at the major junction with Byres Road (and others), a little further to the west. But, looking closer at the placement of the street names on various maps, found that assumption appeared to be wrong.

Big Heid Dumbarton Road Pontecorvo

Big Heid Dumbarton Road Pontecorvo

It’s at the bottom of this building, which didn’t have the heid, or the greenery growing there, when this pic was taken.

Dumbarton Road Pontecorvo

Dumbarton Road Pontecorvo


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There WAS a third Midland Street mural on the way

Not that I was being particularly clever, but I was right when I suggested it looked as if there would soon be a third mural joining the pair I ‘collected’ in Midland Street recently.

And here it is.

I wonder if there will be a list, since these seem to go up quickly, and almost at random.

Midland Street mural

Midland Street mural


It’s just coming up for about FOUR weeks after I posted this series (including the ones in the link above), and GlasgowLive is suggesting:

Head over and take a sneak peek at the first of the new collection for yourselves, or wait until the finished product is ready to be unveiled.

Glasgow’s latest mural series unveiled as tribute to The Arches

And there;s me been getting dragged past them on the bus for nearly a month now, and thought they were ‘Old News’!


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