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New blockade runners memorial quickly restored after vandalism

Looks I was too slow to catch this one after seeing reports that the recently installed blockade runners memorial had been defaced:

RMT – the union for transport workers – have tweeted a photo of the defaced statue, expressing their frustration and disappointment.

The tweet read: “After so much hard work by so many wonderful people and the excitement earlier this year unveiling this fantastic memorial to the Blockade Runners we were totally disgusted to to see this vandalism today.”

‘Totally disgusted’ – vandals slammed for defacing memorial by River Clyde

Reported locally on the 14th, I wasn’t near enough to take a pic until today, the 19th, by which time the graffiti had been cleaned of, and the stonework restored.

I hadn’t expected to see it clean up so soon, and this was how it looked this afternoon.

According to an update to the original story, it had already been dealt with by Wednesday (17th).

Blackade Runners Memorial restored

Blackade Runners Memorial restored

This is how it looked a few days ago, as seen in the pic tweeted by the RMT:

RMT pic of defaced memorial

RMT pic of defaced memorial


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