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Oh dear – looks as if my hints that things would not go well with the latest ferry contract were right

Not that I claim any special insight or understanding.

But I don’t think even a blind man could have failed to see ‘something’ was coming, and that it wasn’t likely to be good.

I doubt I’ll win any popularity contests, but I think I’ve dropped enough hints in this blog, to the effect that (on a large scale at least) there are no shipyards on the Clyde because “we” have lost the plot, and anybody wanting a big floaty thing built really isn’t likely to decide the Clyde is a good place to put their money.

It’s a shame, since there are some really good small yards, currently producing some nice vessels. Getting on with things quietly – and being overshadowed and obscured by the big boys’ nonsense.

I’m afraid it’s all become so silly I don’t even bother to look closely enough to make comments now, it’s neither interesting not fun, just sad and frustrating.

I can’t even end by saying it will be interesting to see what happens with the last contract for two ferries.

Instead of being a chance to produce something innovative, it just descended into farce ages ago.

Ferguson shipyard could be nationalised amid ferry row

The lifeline ferry deal that went adrift

Clyde shipyard could be nationalised amid row over ferries

I’m so glad I don’t have to bother studying this sad stuff any more.

Just read… and forget.

Sinking boat

Sinking boat

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