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Yes, something IS different

My apologies to anyone who is an honest regular visitor to this blog.

I can’t get rid of some particularly persistent scum who think they can piggy pack their crap to it and use for free advertising (spam).

I don’t want to take it down for another week (I had to do this to make the last lot think it was worthless to them), that apparently lost over 90% of the few visitors who had stuck with it.

Their attention means I can’t load up batches of posts to publish themselves, as I don’t want to reward their spamming with notifications of new posts, so I have to post everything manually now, when I’m present, so I can always check they are not registered to receive notification. This also interferes with composing more interesting or involved posts, so they’ve almost killed those off, simply because I can’t write when I have spare time, and might piece together something more complicated than a simple post. I’ve found it’s now almost impossible to rattle together a quick post on something current, and by the time it does get done, it’s too late to bother as something else has come up.

I remain disgusted by the WordPress ‘Happiness Team’, supposedly ready to listen and help with our problems, yet who have ignored, for years, EVERY blogger who has asked for a simple ban system to remove unwanted ‘followers’, and refuse outright to implement even a simple IP ban because they don’t think it works.


I usually can’t even contact their sites after my second complaint.

While I may not knock it down for a week, I may try taking it out for the odd day here and there, so please just bear with me.


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Black Cat – Best You Can Get?

(Uh, not this one.)

Unfortunately, I spotted this sticker stuck to some of Glasgow’s finest sculpture in Buchanan Street.

Drowning Dog & Malatesta started out in San Francisco in 2005, creating a kind of electronic bass rap.

Seems ‘Black Cat – Best You Can Get!’ is one of their albums.

Having heard a few seconds, I would be surprised to find that black cats were preparing a court case to have the use of their likeness protected by a ‘Cease and Desist’ order.

It really is beyond me how anyone can find this stuff even remotely listenable.

The only reason I can maybe come up with is that it removes the need to aspire to having a ‘cheap’ £30 k LINN audio system at home.

You could send this stuff along a piece of string stretched between two tin cans and it wouldn’t degrade 😉

Oh well – each to their own. But this one’s not for me, even if there is a cat involved, even if it’s black.

Drowning Dog and Malatesta sticker

Drowning Dog and Malatesta sticker


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Is the Palaceum Bar going to join my demolition trail?

If I was the sort of person who worried about coincidences, I could become paranoid thinking about how someone was trying to erase my past before I die.

I waffled somewhere in here about how I tried looking on Google Earth, and even visited some of my former school sites only to find they had been demolished – I thought I was looking in the wrong place, yet one has been turned into a car park, and the other razed to make way for another school on the same ground.

I spotted this story about a planning application for a pub I used to visit occasionally, where we used to while away our lunch breaks from work.

I thought ‘Palaceum’ was a slightly odd name for a pub, so it was one of the first places I traced the history of.

Turns out it’s not the original building on the site in Shettleston’s Edrom Street, and the space was first occupied by a cinema.

The Palaceum opened in 1913, relatively small, comfortable, and popular with locals for substantially low admission charges compared to city centre cinemas. Variety acts also appeared there. Redesigned in 1936, it was damaged by fire in 1954 and demolished.

So, the current pub is not original, it just took the name.

Permission is now being sought to demolish the pub, and use the surrounding land for a  four-storey block of two bedroom flats.

PLAN To Knock Down Shettleston Bar And Build Flats

I can’t recall what I posted it under, but I did have some pics in here of the demolition of the public baths which backed on to this area some years ago. This large building lay derelict for years, until it was razed, and more flats were built on the land.

There are some shops on the street corner, but they don’t seem to be mentioned.

Thought I’d better grab a pic last night, while the place is still there, and I managed to remember!



I’d include a pic of the baths IF I could find the post.

I can’t remember what it was filed under though.

I have to admit to having stopped using clever or witty titles, they make it too hard to find stuff later!

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