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I’ve warned you before – your cat IS plotting to kill you!

A rather unfortunate tale about a woman from Glasgow, and although not actually resulting from the cat injury as such (the usual problem is infection from a cat bite, due to the content of their saliva), events did begin with a small scratch by the cat.

A mother almost died after developing toxic shock from a cat scratch.

The cat barely tore through Moira Brady’s skin but within days her body was closing down.

Ms Brady, from Glasgow, lost a finger on her left hand as medics battled the disease, and doctors say is lucky to be alive.

She tried to shoo away cats fighting in her back garden when one of them swiped at her.

Although the scratch was minor, she developed MRSA, a deadly condition, and Streptococcus A, which can cause serious bacterial infections.

She thought nothing of the scratch at the time but it had punctured her skin and about a week later her hand swelled up and one of her fingers turned blue.

Dr Emilia Crighton, consultant in public health and head of health services section at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: “If it is just a scratch clean the area and only seek medical attention if it gets infected.

“If it is an actual bite and the skin has been broken I would advise people to seek medical attention as the area could become infected.

“Your own GP or local pharmacy would be the first, easy to reach, point of contact.”

Woman nearly dies from a tiny cat scratch as infection spread through her body

One of the things I take excessive with care with nowadays is cleanliness after doing any sort of work in the garden, particularly if I have my hands in the soil, or handle it -or get one of the aforementioned scratches.

The simple reason is that I’ve watched many small furry animals (and birds) doing their various forms of ‘business’ in the soil, and began to notice the smell on my hands afterwards. I should add this is usually NOT down to cats, who always get the blame from haters, but actually do their business out of sight.

These days I prepare food/meals, and NEVER touch any of the ingredients until dirty gardening hands are nice and clean.

Still, you should really keep a close on what ‘fluffy’ is doing…

Signs of cat plotting to kill you

Signs of cat plotting to kill you

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