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That was the first Forge Comic Con – so I’m told since I wasn’t there

If anybody noticed my advance alert of the Comic Con event (made a few weeks ago) to be held in Parkhead Forge, and maybe expected a pic or two from my visit…

Don’t hold your breath.

This was one of the plans doomed to the failure the moment I mentioned it.

Forgetting that I was, in part, too busy with other rubbish I had to do, and probably would either have forgotten to go for a look, or just not been able to go, technology managed to defeat even the attempt to go.

While admission was free, you may recall entry still required a ticket, which you were supposed to print out and bring after registering online.

That printing part finally defeated me this time.

I seldom need to print, although I have quite a lot of printers accumulated over the years.

The total was once more than 12, but the two oldest lasers (including a postscript printer) were scrapped as they just wore out, and even repairing them became pointless.

Four more impact printers are just pointless (and the ribbons dried up years ago).

Two original inkjet printers plus four newer types also suffered from drying up. The two originals died when the ink feed tubes became blocked, and the later cartridge types began to demand silly money for their rare cartridges, rendering them too expensive to use.

The last laser just didn’t get enough use, and the drum/rollers became useless, causing marks on the paper, and these could not be eliminated.

Then they ALL suffered one common problem due to their age – ‘modern’ computers don’t have printer ports!

Connection is now via USB – the original parallel printer port is just too big to fit anything made nowadays.

Plus, if there’s no Windows driver (and there often isn’t for old printers), then you can’t even connect or print to it anyway.

I did use a USB to parallel converter for a while, but that became pointless once the rollers started turning from round to square as the aged, and all the inkjets became blocked by dried up ink.

It’s true that some ‘machinery’ just dies if it’s not used, or becomes so expensive to run that you really are cheaper to buy something new rather than keep it limping along.

And that kiddies, is how I came NOT to go to the Forge Comic Con.

NO DAMNED TICKET! since I couldn’t make ANY of those printers respond to the print job being sent from my computer.

They’re all sitting in a pile by the door now – waiting for their fate to be decided.

Forge Comic Con

Forge Comic Con

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