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The ‘Big Heid’ at Anderston is gone

Following the Red Mutant, the Big Heid I spotted replacing it at Anderston has now also succumbed to the magical grey paint, and disappeared.

Since there’s little point in photographing a patch of grey paint, I’m just repeating the pic I took earlier.

Road Support Face Mural

Road Support Face Mural or Big Heid

Just out of interest, I was wandering along Burgh Lane (behind the Western Baths and Hillhead Library), and found I was being watched by the face, WITHOUT the head!

Is it looking guiltily at the broken downpipe?

Did it do that?

Big Heid Face Only

Big Heid Face Only

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Downtime – Friday 26 June 2019

The site will probably be down for at least the whole of this day, while we attend to a little maintenance.


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Looks like work is done on Sauchiehall Streets ‘Avenue’

It will be a few days until I’m back in Sauchiehall Street and I’ll finally get to see the completed ‘Avenue’.

When I was last there, I noted the final piece of work was being completed in front of the unfortunate o2abc venue, so it still wasn’t possible cycle along the entire length. It will be interesting.


If I was one of Glasgow’s miserable ‘Naysayers’ I’d already be joining that happy band and complaining about the new Avenue.

I’ve already seen local news feeds carrying pics of spots where there have been road works, and people have made complaints about the layout, about who has, and has not, got priority, and who is wandering on whose ‘space’.

Barely complete for just ONE DAY!

I’m surprised there isn’t a meeting of the angry old bike hating men of Glasgow being held there, in the middle of the cycle lane!

IN Pictures — The Sauchiehall Street ‘Avenue’

SAUCHIEHALL Street, between Charing Cross and Rose Street, has been turned into the first of Glasgow City Centre’s new people-friendly Avenues…

I hope ReGlasgow won’t grudge one little pic until I get there again.

Sauchiehall Street Avenue pic Credit ReGlasgow

Sauchiehall Street Avenue pic Credit ReGlasgow

I’m intrigued by the location of the camera.

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