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Tartan paint mural

Although I can’t claim personal experience of any of the tricks played on naïve apprentices, I did come across tales of various tasks given to the inexperienced young hopefuls in their first days on the job, such as being sent to Stores for ‘A long stand’, or the more local gem… a tin of tartan paint 🙂

A new mural created in Glasgow’s Cresswell Lane recalls that particular ‘product’.

Cresswell Lane Tartan Paint mural

Cresswell Lane Tartan Paint mural

The tin in that mural isn’t opened (in fact, look closely and you’ll see it’s been returned), so you can’t see what that particular brand of paint looks like. That said, it seems to be leaking!

Fortunately, somebody sent me a pic of a competing product some years ago, and this is the first excuse I’ve had to share it.

Suedetess Tartan Paint

Suedetess Tartan Paint

That one was actually turned into a bit of an advert for a commercial web site, but I’ve since been able to track down the source image (without the advertising/branding), so can now credit the source.

Anyone who remembers the original Finnegan’s Hammerite might be wondering if they could come up with something that would resemble this today. The original hammer finish paint was chemical magic to watch – after you painted this treacly goop onto a surface (usually metal), the smooth finish would slowly turn into a ‘hammer’ finish as two components in the mix separated into two slightly different colours, and created the hammered texture.

Apparently, you need not wonder.

Due to the nasty volatiles used in original Hammerite in Finnegan’s day, it’s now rubbish since they were replaced by ‘kinder’ versions, and nothing like the original since the company changed hands and it had to drop the ‘nasties’ from the good old days.

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