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I went to Yorkhill – and all I got was signs

Yesterday was (almost) interesting after I had to go to Finnieston in the early evening.

Rather than just head straight back home once my business was done, I took a chance as thunder boomed around (with no lightning, or rain) and decided to walk through Yorkhill (the part behind Kelvin Hall at least) and on to Partick, since I’d sped through the streets in the past, but never on foot.

Sad to say, as regards the part I walked through, there didn’t seem to be any ‘Points of Interest’. The buildings/tenements all seem to be fairly plain, and I didn’t see any decorative features or architectural variations.

Notably, the area was home to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, referred to locally as “Yorkhill” or “Sick Kids” when it was in operation.

Today, as of 2015, the facility has become The West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital, a healthcare facility created to house the remaining outpatient service’s and the minor injury unit of the Western Infirmary (replaced by a large hospital campus elsewhere). This lay nearby, but was closed a few years ago, and has now been razed, as noted in my ‘concrete block’ posts.

A classic entrance sign still exists on the approach road to the old hospital.

While I understand those who object to such artefacts being removed, I’m also more of a realist than the idealists.

This sign SHOULD be removed and preserved in one of Glasgow’s museums.

Instead, I suspect it will just gradually decay where it is, be vandalised by some morons one day, or maybe even be stolen and sold by a rogue ‘salvager’ for a profit. However, I doubt it could be removed like that, and the sign;s construction means the whole stone post it is attached to would have to be taken, or a very careful removal and reconstruction carried out.

Yorkhill Sick Children Hospital Sign

Yorkhill Sick Children Hospital Sign

On a lighter note, there was a more modern sign seen just along the road.

Yorkhill To Let Toilet Sign

Yorkhill To Let Toilet Sign

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