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My brain hurts – I must have been trying to read a Scottish ferry article

Yup, THAT was careless of me.

I used to enjoy travelling on the occasional ferry. I even managed to do a little work on some of them, and had some ‘free’ trips along the Clyde as they went to the trials area. That was even more fun – normal ferry journeys don’t include running the engines up to full power with the rudder hard over, sailing in circles with the stabilisers fully deployed to keep the vessel level. We even managed to blow cylinder heads on one trip (and they’re big on ferries that can carry up to 500 passengers and 120 cars).

While I’m still interested, it’s no fun following the fates of both the old vessels (retired) and the new, as the news never seems to be good.

It used to be intriguing as various people and groups claimed they could operate and maintain the services better than CalMac, but never really had to worry about actually delivering since the chances of them winning the work were slim, but they cost everyone else millions thanks to their challenges.

Fast forward something in the order of twenty years, and it seems that little has changed, with millions apparently still being gobbled up by side issues (as opposed to running costs and subsidies), plus RET (road equivalent tariff), howled about and demanded for years, yet apparently the ‘wrong thing’ when it was introduced. Apparently what should have been applied was a journey pricing system in use by air carries. No, I’m NOT going to summarise this one in then words or less.

And, I digress (and it’s not even reducing the pain).

Here’s another chapter to add the disaster which has grown from the opportunity to create new ferries…

Ministers reject Ferguson shipyard share ownership bid

Far too much political nonsense and blame being concentrated on.

All concerned really do seem to have lost the plot, and completely forgotten the idea was to develop and build two new technology ferries.

Can’t wait for the next chapter.

Hole in Boat

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