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The “Finest Dental Designer in the World!” (is in Scotland)

After the recent spotting of a little bit of Ghost Sign in Dumbarton Road, I kept looking for anything similar, but I suspect most has been covered up, or replaced by now.

There wasn’t anything obvious, or particularly worthy of note, except…

Dumbarton Road Cosmetic Denture Design Specialist

Dumbarton Road Cosmetic Denture Design Specialist

The people of Glasgow are most fortunate indeed, to live in the city which is home to “John“, the “FINEST DENTAL DESIGNER IN THE WORLD!

The sign has a great period feel to it, but is clearly not from the days its appearance celebrates, as it also proclaims “EST 1973“.

I may be wrong, but by 1973 I’m pretty sure the fashion was to tear down any interesting or ornate shop signs, and replace them with very bland flat signs, and was probably when the metal framed box with perspex or acrylic panels was becoming the norm, and its clones were appearing everywhere, being cheap and relatively easy to produce. If it hadn’t already arrived, laser cutting and computer or microprocessor control couldn’t have been far off, further simplifying and speeding up the process.

Not only is this one proclaiming “still a jolly fine service“, it also does a jolly fine job of remembering a lost style of shop sign.

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