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St Enoch joins High Street in the ‘Revamp Game’

I’ve been following the plans and changes intended to ‘waken-up’ the High Street area of the city, and see that the St Enoch area is joining in with similar aims of revamping the area.

Described as an area which starts at the junction between Saltmarket and Clyde Street, near Glasgow Green, and includes the cross-roads between Argyle Street and Buchanan street in the city centre, that means it extends the area being covered by the High Street (Saltmarket) plans already underway.

This was a busier area in years gone by, but as the various shops which once looked onto the River Clyde disappeared, and were replaced by hotels and offices (not forgetting the bars and similar that once lived there too, but disappeared completely over the years), the street along the river became deserted and very quiet.

Even St Enoch Square, which I can recall was fairly busy as the St Enoch Centre spilled its visitors into the space, has become something of a desert in more recent times, as the shop there became less interesting to most people. There are still some there, but without naming any in particular, I’d describe them more as special interest than general interest, so not attracting a lot of people there. I don’t think there’s one there I would ever enter.

Overall, it’s very bland and featureless, and only become busy when there’s something happening, such as the Christmas Market, or the occasional fairgrounds that set up occasionally.

We’re now halfway through a £900,000 public consultation on the future of the St Enoch district.

And that means there is still plenty of time to have your say on the ambitious plans to transform the banks of Glasgow’s River Clyde , in a bid to connect key parts of the city.

The area spans that which starts at the junction between Saltmarket and Clyde Street, near Glasgow Green, and includes the cross-roads between Argyle Street and Buchanan street in the city centre.

Glasgow City Council presented proposals for the massive revamp in June, before launching the 12-week discussion.

Council leader Susan Aitken said: “The St Enoch District is one of the most historic in our city centre, but its true potential just hasn’t been realised.

“However, these new proposals – which reconnect the community with the River Clyde – have the potential to absolutely transform how people see St Enoch as a place to live, work and socialise.

Those wishing to take part in the consultation have until October 27 and can do so by visiting Glasgow City Council’s Consultation Hub here .

After this period, the plan will be brought back to the council’s City Administration Committee for formal approval.

The draft St Enoch District Regeneration Framework can be found here .

Massive revamp planned for St Enoch area – and there’s still time to have your say on ambitious plans

This view from Saltmarket on the right, almost reaching St Enoch Square on the left, is part of the area mentioned.

As a ‘tiny’, I liked the occasional trip which included this as part of the wander. It was also where the RNVR Carrick was moored (when it wasn’t on the bottom of the Clyde 😉 ).

Now a hotel (the building in the centre), it used to be tenements with ground floor shops, and my favourite shop there was a car accessory shop.

By the time I’d changed from pressing my nose against the window, to a potential customer with a car and money in his pocket – it had gone.

As had all the other shops, along with all the people that used to go there.

While it’s true that many people can be found there today, it’s also true that they are only passing through, and have no real reason to be there, unless it’s a half decent day, and they’re relaxing on the grassy river bank.

However, for the moment at least, that’s really the only reason for being there.

Clyde Street From Sheriff Court

Clyde Street From Sheriff Court

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‘Flyboard’ makes it across the English Channel

Ushering in yet another way for illegal immigrants to sneak into the UK benefits system 😉

Just kidding (although it does look safer than climbing into jet aircraft wheel wells or hiding in refrigerated lorries).

I was a little disappointed when the first attempt at this crossing didn’t quite make it, but it looks as if the orgnaisation and execution learned from that one, and the second went better.

I found this one more interesting than most record attempts as it shows how significant using the appropriate technology and hardware can be to its effectiveness.

While there have been various ‘personal’ transport systems similar to this (generally allowing a single person to ‘fly’), none of them have been particularly safe, or useful with regard to range or duration.

While something like this has been around since James Bond used a jetpack in 1965’s Thunderball, it wasn’t really a useful device.

Powered by a rocket motor, the fuel was dangerous, poisonous, corrosive (you really didn’t want to get even a drop spilled on your skin), and the motor was hot!

Even worse, duration was only a few minutes, further reduced by the need to make sure there was always a reserve and land early – run out of fuel with a jetpack and you fall out of the sky immediately.

While these devices will always have the ‘falling out of the sky problem’ (with no wings at all, there is no glide option, and they fly so low, parachutes are not really an option), the use of jet turbines and safe fuel (and computer control) to extend their duration and improve their stability has made a major difference.

As usual, I’m sad to say the WordPess STILL doesn’t allow BBC video to be embedded in posts (I tried this one, and it doesn’t even show the story, let alone the video – it just deletes the lot when I hit ‘Publish’), so you have to follow the link to see this one.

Franky Zapata: Flyboarding Frenchman crosses English Channel

Don’t know if this video will stay up, but I’ll include it:

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Turn in animal abusers – their next victims could be children

There’s now a body of evidence and studies confirming that those who abuse animals are potentially making tentative steps towards advancing on to child abuse.

This week’s news suggests at leas three such people are out there now, honing their skills, with one case that could have been down to a lone offender, while the other must have involved at least two, with one brave abuser holding the cat while the other inflicted injuries.

Too close to me, in the Kirkintilloch/Lennoxtown area, a 9month old kitten was shot in the eye.

The nine-month-old kitten was rushed to Martin Veterinary Centre in Kirkintilloch on Thursday, where it was initially assumed that he had been involved in a car accident.

The vet’s Facebook page shared a post which reads: “The little kitten was stabilised by our amazing team and given supportive treatment.

“Today (Friday) our excellent vet Deyna x-rayed his head and body to check for further injuries and was shocked to see that the poor wee kitten had been shot in the eye.

“Deyna proceeded to remove the irreversibly affected eye and the very loving wee kitten has made a wonderful recovery and should lead a full and happy life.

“We are awaiting further advice from specialists as to whether we will need to do anything more in the meantime.”

The team at Martin Veterinary Centre may have saved the kitten’s life – but they remain concerned about the incident, which is believed to have happened in the Lennoxtown area.

The post adds a warning to other pet owners to be on alert, commenting: “The police will be involved in this case so hopefully the perpetrator will be caught.”

Kitten ‘shot in the eye’ and seriously injured prompts warning from vet

Nine-month old kitten shot in eye in ‘awful’ attack

Kitten Injured after being shot in the eye Pic Martin Veterinary Centre

Kitten Injured after being shot in the eye Pic Martin Veterinary Centre


Kitten pellet X-Ray Pic via GlasgowLive

Kitten pellet X-Ray Pic via GlasgowLive

The second, and potentially more worrying case (as regards the group of individual behind the attack) occurred down south, and resulted in the death of the cat the abused.

A family’s pet cat has been put down after 31 sewing needles were fired into him.

RSPCA inspectors have appealed for witnesses who might be able to identify the killers and the weapon used to inflict “excruciating pain” on Maniek.

His distraught owners thought he had been run over, only for x-rays to reveal the horrific cause of death.

Serena Holmes, senior vet surgeon at Celia Hammond Animal Trust, said: “When we x-rayed Maniek we were horrified to discover these needles in his body.

“We think it would have been difficult for one individual to have carried out this awful incident on their own as the cat would have been struggling to escape.

“So we think that more than one person could have been involved in this.”

Maniek was found limping in a neighbour’s garden two days after he went missing from the family home in Brent, north west London.

In the cruel attack, Maniek’s leg joints were dislocated and then he was peppered with needles as he struggled to run away.

RSPCA investigators believe the needles were fired into the cat by an adapted device, as the needles were different lengths and cut off at the top to fit into the gun.

The pet’s hocks could have also been dislocated by a person holding Maniek so that shots could be fired at him, or while he tried to get away.

RSPCA Inspector Francesca Tambini said: “I am actually horrified to think what poor Maniek has been through, he must have been terrified and in such excruciating pain when this happened.

“It’s likely the injuries to his legs were as a result of being held down while the device fired the needles into his poor little body.

“It just doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Family cat is put down after 31 sewing needles were fired into his body with a home-made needle gun

Maniek was missing for two days before his wounded body was found Pic credit SWNS

Maniek was missing for two days before his wounded body was found Pic credit SWNS

Vats have also appealed for information regarding the device or weapon used to fire the needles into the cat’s body.

She said: “While we don’t know what was used to fire the needles we do think that whatever it was it had been customised for the purpose of using the needles as ammunition.

“We are also keen to hear from anyone that might have a device of this kind, and hope that they will come forward to let us know, as we would like to establish what type of device it could be.

“This information will be treated in the strictest confidence and anyone getting in touch will just be helping us as part of the investigation.”

X-Rays of Maniek the cat who died after being shot with 31 sewing needles Pic credit SWNS

X-Rays of Maniek the cat who died after being shot with 31 sewing needles Pic credit SWNS

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