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Dear Glasgow West End whiny people

I’m not going to pick on any specific social media post, but I was really fed up last week when post after post was made on the social media channel of a local news outlet I watch.

They’ve ruined a perfectly good feed with their endless whining over the past week – every time I think I’m going to see an interesting story from events in west end – all I get is another sore ear from their endless whining.

Rather than actually do something useful, one or two noisy individuals chose to keep taking pictures of stuff dumped in the west end and used them to launch a stream of whining post about how the council was failing to keep the place tidy.

That’s nice and easy for such people, as they never do anything useful, like naming and shaming, or reporting, the people who dump the rubbish and are the real problem.

Far easier just to keep kicking the council, a nice soft target, for not having people out clearing up 24/7.

Maybe they should take a lead from Spain, where a couple of guys who dumped a fridge ended up with a £40,000 fine 🙂

The Guardia Civil confirmed that both incidents are currently under investigation and the men had been fined €45,000 (£40,000).

Authorities also said they had launched an investigation into the fly-tippers’ employer, a domestic appliance distribution firm, after bosses failed to prove they were disposing of appliances using a licensed agent.

“We have managed to identify this man who was recorded by throwing a refrigerator in a hill,” the Guardia Civil wrote alongside the video on Twitter.

“We are also investigating this other video where you can see how they throw a washing machine on a hillside,” they added.

“The investigation remains ongoing to clarify all these facts.”

Fly-tippers forced to haul fridge back up a cliff after throwing it off the edge

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