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Weird sh… stuff

It’s been a while since anything weird or oddly coincidental has hit me, but yesterday provided one such instance.

One of the downsides (for me at least) of the ‘nice hot weather’ we saw last week is the speed it makes fresh food turn ugly.

For me, I usually lose load of bread products, be it loafs or rolls I may have laid in supplies of. Compared to our usual cool Scottish days, when the Sun comes out, all of this food turns into piles of grey or black mould almost as you watch it. I’m not even sure what actually causes this, as popping the goodies into a chilled fridge compartment does nothing to prevent it. That’s not just my problem, you’ll find expert advice not to bother even trying.

So, over the past week or so I’d accumulated some nicely mould covered bread which I’d shoved out back to feed to the bird next time I walked out. I no longer throw it out back, to avoid attracting vermin (flying rats aka huge enormous pigeons).

I’d brought home a pack of four wheaten rolls to supplement the bread losses, and they’d just gone past their ‘Best before’ date, which normally means they’re still good for a few days, unless… we;re having a Scottish heatwave.

When I broke open the wrapper, the smell just about knocked me over, and a quick look inside suggested I could make a small fortune harvesting penicillin. It was disgusting in there, not only to my poor nose, but also my eyes.

I dumped the packet alongside the bread, to be dumped next walkabout.

That didn’t happen – when I did pick the bags up as I headed out, the stuff inside was REALLY stinking (the smell was so bad by then, it had been wafting indoors) and the bag contents were just black ‘fur’.

I didn’t even throw the stuff on a grassy patch (and maybe poison the local wildlife), but dumped the lot in a bin about a mile from home.

Now, fast forward about four hours, and I’m about 50 metres (a bit over 50 yards if you are Jacob Rees-Mogg, political nutjob) and I had to stop and go back for a look when I realised I had just walked past THREE of the four mouldy rolls I had dumped in a bin about a mile away from this spot.

While I know I can’t be definitive, what’s the chance of three mouldy rolls landing in the road and they just happen to look the same as those in a packet I dumped four hours earlier?

While I could explain this away by suggesting gulls (we have them here), who spotted a snack, then dropped it after getting a beak load of mould, our council bins have just been upgraded, they are all covered, and the actual bin/sack is now buried deep inside (probably an anti-bomb measure), so something like a gull, or even a decent-sized bird can’t get to the scraps inside.

I’ve no reasonable explanation for those mouldy rolls re-appearing a mile from where I binned them.

Like I said – weird.

Mouldy Rolls

Mouldy Rolls

That’s a sample pic, my hands were full of stuff I’d been out to collect, so I couldn’t grab an actual pic – but one mouldy roll looks much like a another.

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Nardini mural revisit

Last time I passed the now derelict Nardini ice cream parlour in Byres Road I mentioned a mural I spotted at the rear of the interior.

Since I hadn’t noticed it at the time, I was only able to expand the catch in the original pic, which meant it was a fairly poor view.

I passed recently, and actually remembered to stop and take a better pic, albeit through dirty glass.

It appears to made of panels, so could have been taken down and removed, but since it was left, it can be assumed to have been new, rather than any sort of original (and costly),

That said, a closer look suggests it was painted by someone with good knowledge of the Art Deco period and style as it contains recognisable elements which were prevalent at the time. I’d say some more modern elements have crept in, but they’re probably only noticeable if you’ve studied the period, and look more closely than normal at the detail.

The3 more I looked at it, the more I began to like it and wouldn’t mind having it on one of my own walls.

Pity it will most likely be torn from the wall and skipped when the interior is refitted for the next occupant.

Click for bigger.

Nardini Mural

Nardini Mural

Out of interest, I also noticed one of the side walls had some old B&W pics mounted, and while the lighting units had been stripped, the pics had been left on the wall.

It wasn’t passible to take a proper pic due to the oblique angle as seen from the street, but I did take the oblique view, then corrected the perspective in an attempt to see what was in the pics.

It worked reasonably well, and the only real problem is the increasing blurring toward the right, as this was the furthest (and therefore smallest) part of the view, so was also the part that had to  be stretched most to correct the perspective distortion.

Probably just fairly standard ice cream novelty pics from the mid-20th century, but there’s also a couple of pics of Nardini’s shop in Largs.

Click for bigger.

Nardini Pics

Nardini Pics

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