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Nardini mural revisit

Last time I passed the now derelict Nardini ice cream parlour in Byres Road I mentioned a mural I spotted at the rear of the interior.

Since I hadn’t noticed it at the time, I was only able to expand the catch in the original pic, which meant it was a fairly poor view.

I passed recently, and actually remembered to stop and take a better pic, albeit through dirty glass.

It appears to made of panels, so could have been taken down and removed, but since it was left, it can be assumed to have been new, rather than any sort of original (and costly),

That said, a closer look suggests it was painted by someone with good knowledge of the Art Deco period and style as it contains recognisable elements which were prevalent at the time. I’d say some more modern elements have crept in, but they’re probably only noticeable if you’ve studied the period, and look more closely than normal at the detail.

The3 more I looked at it, the more I began to like it and wouldn’t mind having it on one of my own walls.

Pity it will most likely be torn from the wall and skipped when the interior is refitted for the next occupant.

Click for bigger.

Nardini Mural

Nardini Mural

Out of interest, I also noticed one of the side walls had some old B&W pics mounted, and while the lighting units had been stripped, the pics had been left on the wall.

It wasn’t passible to take a proper pic due to the oblique angle as seen from the street, but I did take the oblique view, then corrected the perspective in an attempt to see what was in the pics.

It worked reasonably well, and the only real problem is the increasing blurring toward the right, as this was the furthest (and therefore smallest) part of the view, so was also the part that had to  be stretched most to correct the perspective distortion.

Probably just fairly standard ice cream novelty pics from the mid-20th century, but there’s also a couple of pics of Nardini’s shop in Largs.

Click for bigger.

Nardini Pics

Nardini Pics

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