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How powerful is a football club in Glasgow?

Quite a lot, as it can have a refused planning proposal overturned, in part at least.

I mentioned the disgusting revolving video screen Celtic wanted to install next to London Road, and how the application was rejected.

I also noted that there was a three-month window during which an appeal could be lodged.

They lodged an appeal.

They sort of won – in as much as they can have their giant revolving video screen, but with the good news that it’s not allowed to show video, just static adverts.

The club appealed against the verdict and the Scottish Government’s planning expert has reversed the council’s decision; the screen can now be installed on an eight-metre high pole on an area to the right of the Celtic Way approach to the Parkhead stadium, beside the VIP car park.

But Government planning reporter Chris Norman sided with the council over conditions that will be imposed on use of the screen including a ban on “moving images, animation, video or full motion images” in the interests of pedestrian and traffic safety and to safeguard the amenity of the surrounding area. Only static images can be shown and these cannot be changed more frequently than every 10 seconds.

CELTIC Win Battle To Put Up Massive TV Screen — But Can Only Show Static Images

That was as much as I expected – anyone who knows the area will know that a similar (but static) giant video screen was installed along the road a few years ago, showing a constant stream of static adverts.

On that basis, there wasn’t really any way to stop this screen, provided moving video was not part of the show.

What a pity the East City Way cycle route passes this, although there is some good news – it’s on the other side of the road from the route (which this pic was taken from).

Click for bigger.

London Road Horror

London Road Horror View

I think the club missed a trick here, and had it asked for permission to install their screen closer to the stadium wall, and NOT directed towards the road, but the approach used by fans heading to the stadium on foot, they just might have got their wish and been able to show those video streams to ‘The Faithful’ AND bombard them with moronic adverts too.

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Holmwood House has reopened

Last time I spotted Holmwood in the news was about three months ago, just as closed for three months renovation work.

And three months later, it’s open 🙂

No point in repeating the waffle I posted back then, follow the link if interested.

That said, I never did note when I first visited the place, and still find it a bit of a shock that it was when NTS took it over, and that must have been 1994.

It was a ‘Doors Open Day’, and despite being the first opening, the place was mobbed – visitors inside were packed in like sardines.

It’s interesting to note that in 2019 the article refers to the ‘windows’…

The wallpaper was scraped back to reveal “windows” to the original schemes, with work also based off photographs of other Thomson interiors, including his own home.

Greek Thomson’s Holmwood House reopens after restoration

That was exactly the same thing the guides were pointing out back in 1994, when the place VERY unrestored, and they had little idea of the original appearance thanks to years of redecoration obscuring that view under layers of later paint and other coverings.

Guess I’ll have to start looking for a public transport, or alternative, means of getting from here to there.

Holmwood House by emma mykytyn

Holmwood House by emma mykytyn

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Pop-up electric vehicle chargers – not looking good (so far)

I recently came across a news article heralding the arrival of a pop-up street charger scheme to be trialled in Dundee: I hope these ‘Pop-up Electric Charge’ people realise Dundee is in SCOTLAND!

While I wasn’t being negative, at the time I couldn’t lay hands on any illustrations of the proposed chargers, so didn’t know how practical they were for use in Scotland’s cold/wet/freezing climate.

From tech ‘toys’ I’ve built and installed out of doors, rain, frost, and freezing rainwater (plus snow) all combine to ruin anything designed on the bench and which works well in warm and dry conditions – only to be wrecked when place outside. Even just left outside in a sheltered position can see items deteriorate if not made of appropriate materials. Sunlight destroys plastics not designed for constant UV exposure, and condensation plus high humidity and freezing conditions can lead to ice formation, and destruction of items where water can collect in small spaces, and expand repeatedly.

I found a US article taking a look at the idea, and they did have an illustrative pic – I’m afraid things look good for dry and warm places, but Scotland?

Street charger tucks away for pedestrian access during the day

Pop-up charger concept

Pop-up charger concept

I tried a quick search on that name. While it brought up many hits, none of them linked to this concept, and I gave up.

Unless they change the design, or make something with greater water/weatherproofing – which would probably mean increased complexity, and ongoing maintenance needs to keep seals etc functional – I don’t really this is appropriate.

Far better to go with suggestions to utilise existing street furniture such as lampposts, distribution boxes, and other item already found on the footpath, and which avoid trailing cables.

I’d suggest another option – a sealed post hinged at its base, lying flat, which rotates 90 degrees to stand vertical.

This provides a lever effect to help break frozen rain/snow, and with no sliding elements can be sealed.

However, I remain practical and aware of lawsuits – and suspect something would have to be done with regard to the hole left behind when it is raised. Unfortunately, a simple hinged cover isn’t really the answer, as it could freeze shut. A little though does suggest it can be dealt with though.

Well, we’ll see.

It might last longer than…

Solar powered bus stops


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Interesting – Food and drink in Kelvingrove hall is now acceptable

It doesn’t feel that long ago (to me at least) that the very idea of food and/or drink being carried around by visitors to Kelvingrove would have been an unthinkable thought.

And to be fair, if you wander around the galleries you WILL see signs warning visitors that food and drink are NOT welcome in the galleries themselves.

Indeed, while the Coffee Shop was relocated to its temporary home on the first floor (while Dippy the dinosaur was in residence), I noticed orphaned signs on the pillars in the area around its normal home, telling patrons that only food purchased there (the Coffee Shop) could be consumed at its tables.

It’s less than a year since I was wondering if I could enjoy a snack in the general seating area when I spotted a ‘quiet word’ being had with someone who tried that very thing, and I saw another regular visitor carefully managing his sandwich (and even a flask) while staff were looking the other way.

There are at least two areas provided in the basement (why do I STILL want to refer to that as ‘new’ after the 2006 refurb?), with seating and in quiet spots, where visitors are welcome to enjoy their own packed lunch.

However, in this case my interest is in the general appearance of food and drink in the central hall, where I now regularly see people with trays of food and drink wandering, and indulging themselves during the organ recital. They can also be seen wandering around the balcony area too.

I merely find it interesting that something which was once evidently frowned upon has become common.

I’d started collecting odd instances of the inner man (and woman) being catered for, until I realised it was no longer the exception.

No point in wasting the pics, or the thought.

Kelvingrove Recital Food and Drink

Kelvingrove Recital Food and Drink

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Today is Lazy Day

10 August is Lazy Day.

Make sure everyone knows you are celebrating Lazy Day today.

If any of those irritating people who equate being busy with being virtuous show up, they could completely ruin Lazy Day for you, since these self-appointed ‘Goodness Police’ find it impossible to leave anyone not gainfully employed in peace if they are not busy all day, every day.

They have the same mental aberration as someone I once worked with. His idea of a ‘great employee’ was anyone who came into work at 5 am (they would be the ones that got bonuses and favours). But those who were prepared to stay late and work on for a few hours to help out? Nothing! He refused to recognise their efforts as he believed “An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening”.

Seems nobody knows the founders of this day, they were probably too busy doing nothing, and didn’t have time to get recognised for their efforts.

Relax properly on Lazy Day – ask an expert.

Relaxation Expert

Relaxation Expert


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