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How powerful is a football club in Glasgow?

Quite a lot, as it can have a refused planning proposal overturned, in part at least.

I mentioned the disgusting revolving video screen Celtic wanted to install next to London Road, and how the application was rejected.

I also noted that there was a three-month window during which an appeal could be lodged.

They lodged an appeal.

They sort of won – in as much as they can have their giant revolving video screen, but with the good news that it’s not allowed to show video, just static adverts.

The club appealed against the verdict and the Scottish Government’s planning expert has reversed the council’s decision; the screen can now be installed on an eight-metre high pole on an area to the right of the Celtic Way approach to the Parkhead stadium, beside the VIP car park.

But Government planning reporter Chris Norman sided with the council over conditions that will be imposed on use of the screen including a ban on “moving images, animation, video or full motion images” in the interests of pedestrian and traffic safety and to safeguard the amenity of the surrounding area. Only static images can be shown and these cannot be changed more frequently than every 10 seconds.

CELTIC Win Battle To Put Up Massive TV Screen — But Can Only Show Static Images

That was as much as I expected – anyone who knows the area will know that a similar (but static) giant video screen was installed along the road a few years ago, showing a constant stream of static adverts.

On that basis, there wasn’t really any way to stop this screen, provided moving video was not part of the show.

What a pity the East City Way cycle route passes this, although there is some good news – it’s on the other side of the road from the route (which this pic was taken from).

Click for bigger.

London Road Horror

London Road Horror View

I think the club missed a trick here, and had it asked for permission to install their screen closer to the stadium wall, and NOT directed towards the road, but the approach used by fans heading to the stadium on foot, they just might have got their wish and been able to show those video streams to ‘The Faithful’ AND bombard them with moronic adverts too.

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