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Clutha inquiry S07

The Clutha inquiry is drawing to a close, the findings will be released as soon as possible.

It’s a little sad to see that the main comments are all negative, regardless of the outcome of the inquiry.

It’s almost as if everyone is trying to score points and prepare the ground for some sort of “I told you so” response if the finding does not suit their particular agenda.

Sheriff principal Turnbull acknowledged that the delay in holding the inquiry had caused great distress.

A number of representatives for the victims expressed disappointment in the proceedings.

Donald Findlay QC, representing Mary Kavanagh, the partner of victim Robert Jenkins, said she felt crash victims did not feature enough during the inquiry held at Hampden Park.

Gordon Jackson QC, representing the family of victim Gary Arthur, said he had asked the Crown Office why there had been such a long delay in starting the inquiry and said he would ask them for an apology if their explanation was not entirely satisfactory.

The Crown Office has previously acknowledged the delay in calling a fatal accident inquiry into the crash.

Clutha bar helicopter crash inquiry concludes

The Clutha Bar 2019

The Clutha Bar 2019

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When polls aren’t conducted using unbiased data – things like Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games win them

I’ve come to realise few people have much of a clue when it comes to understanding the results of polls and votes on subjects where the sampling pool is not formed by a large enough sample to approach statistical neutrality, or simply be unbiased.

These days, the first thing I look at when someone shoves a survey or poll under my nose is the source of the voting.

If it comes from a organisation that can demonstrate the population sample was selected randomly, and was large enough to minimise any potential bias, I’ll consider the result seriously.

However, if it comes from a source where the participants were not random, were self-selected, too few, or suffered some other sort of bias, then I move on, and don’t take the published/claimed result seriously.

With that in mind, I managed to avoid a panic attack when I read a headline proclaiming…

Glasgow 2014 voted greatest moment for tourism in 50 years

It sounds good (or disturbing) until you look close at the voting and the result.

It wasn’t a random sample, only people who were interested voted (meaning those who didn’t like the games didn’t vote  the even down), and ‘the greatest moment’ didn’t poll more than 50% of the votes, but just the largest fraction, only 20%.

People voted Glasgow Commonwealth games as the biggest draw for tourists. Runners up included the release of Braveheart in 1995.

I’m not a great film fan, but I do seem to remember the release of Braveheart – wasn’t it seen as a joke citing Mel Gibson’s attempt at a Scottish accent, and some questionable portrayal of Scottish history?

Looking at some of the results, I don’t think I have to add anything.

To be fair (and I freely admit my bias because of the ‘Games’), but for the weird event at the top of the list, I’d probably not have any issues with this list, or the way it was created.

See the whole fantasy poll here: 50 years of great tourism moments

Greatest Scottish Poll

Greatest Scottish Poll


Let me see…

What cute graphic could I finish this fun with?

Myth Reality

Myth Reality

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