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Living dangerously in Kelvingrove (if it had a museum cat wandering around)

So, I must be a terrible person and will go to hell for this, but I couldn’t resist.

After finding myself in the Naughty Corner for the same ‘offence’ twice in a row at Kelvingrove, I thought it was time to tempt fate.

I seem to have been lucky, and not spotted indulging in the dangerous practice of using one of my cameras to keep track of items performed during the daily organ recital. I usually have the day’s programme in front of me, on top of the balcony, and move my camera down the list to keep place.

So, this was the view yesterday – Please note that no patrons were placed in danger by this setting (I posed the shot over the information desk, so that the camera would land on museum staff should a hidden cat suddenly materialise and swat it off the balcony 🙂 ).

Kelvingrove Balcony View

Kelvingrove Balcony View

If they did have a cat… (and it’s a pity they don’t – look up ‘Hermitage Cats’ to see what we’re missing).


So. as I was walking around I noticed there were more ‘offenders’, but it must have been my favourite lady’s day off, as she wasn’t to be seen.

She could have popped up for this (with the dulcet tones of “Excuse me sir…”):

Kelvingrove Balcony Offenders 1

Kelvingrove Balcony Offenders 1

Or even this, which I spotted while looking across the hall.

Kelvingrove Balcony Offenders 2

Kelvingrove Balcony Offenders 2

Just imagine the fatal paper cut if that booklet had ‘tipped over’ and wafted down to land on some poor visitor’s head, and sliced it open!

(Don’t have a meltdown – it’s just a fun post!)

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