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Glasgow has a circus school

One of the surprises lurking in the slowly regenerating Kelvin Hall (since it was rescued from being some sort of sports arena) is something of a surprise – a circus school. This in addition to the cafe, sports facilities and various museum resources now housed there. It’s home to the National Library of Scotland’s Scottish Screen Archive, and will see The Hunterian move there in 2020.

Find out more at Aerial Edge: Glasgow’s Circus School

I wasn’t set up for pics in a dull interior, the hall is mainly lit by daylight from the roof, but most of the pics came out – and the motion blur seems appropriate,

I thought I was only get pics of the kit and interior, but a group of students walked in while I was there, so there are some ‘action’ pics too.

The only disappointing thing was the state of the interior (Pic 2), apparently left to look after itself while the ‘sporty’ types were in charge.

Pic 5 isn’t the school area, but looking towards the other end of the hall, which is the ‘front’ door area on Argyle Street.

Although open during the day, this is only to provide emergency exits, not access.

Above the doors original stained-glass panels can still be seen.

I don’t know what was up there originally, but there is one of those ‘Doors to nowhere’, and the discolouration of the walls indicates some original structure has been stripped away.

However, some £40 million is being spent on its redevelopment, which will bring several national organisations under the one roof, including the University of Glasgow, the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow Life (Museums and Sport), and the National Library of Scotland.

I just like being able to get back into the building after so many years.

Kelvin Hall Aerial Edge

Kelvin Hall Aerial Edge

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