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Today is Aviation Day

19 August is Aviation Day.

Aviation Day celebrate the development of aviation, commemorating and falling on the birthday of Orville Wright.

It seems Federal buildings in the US may be required to fly the US flag on this day (at presidential whim, but probably only if the president is not an Orange Moron) in order to promote the day.

I never understood why I never had any urge to get involved in aviation (as a job), but suppose I managed to satisfy at least some of my interest by flying (or trying to fly) RC helicopters almost as soon as they became practical, and more importantly, affordable.

That said, I find aviation industry fascinating when the safety rules are considered.

These days, it’s intriguing to consider the extent of the various rules and regulations in place, and how people are usually the weakest link in the safety chain since they can choose to ignore them, or perhaps not be aware of all that apply.

And it can be remarkable to look at some of the analysis in what appear to be single events, yet which can be analysed to find some extremely obscure causes.

Early Aviation

Early Aviation

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