Secret Scotland

If it's secret, and in Scotland…

Please enjoy this small gift of $20 million+

And, if it does actually deliver the millions promised…

Please remember who gave you the tip 🙂

It’s interesting to see something like this arrive as snail mail rather than the usual email.

Apparently on ‘genuine’ Resona Holding paper, and from a name that is currently listed as one of that company’s officers, while it doesn’t contain the usual glaring language ‘howlers’ of most scams, I suspect a natural English speaker will find enough inconsistency in this composition to be at least minimally suspicious with regard to its veracity.

I couldn’t verify the phone number, and the email is obviously not corporate, so pointless to check.

There’s also at least one layout error to be found, which I suspect a company officer would not sign their name to, and send the document back for retyping.

While the paper is ‘watermarked’ with the company logo, it lacks any of the other details which might be expected on major banking organisation’s letterhead. It’s also rather lightweight, like plain white photocopy paper. Even my small companies always used a heavyweight, decorative paper for their letterheads.

No company name, group details, company registration, contact details, address, telephone numbers, emails, web address, or anything at all.

I have altered a couple of parts, but this was only to redact personal data – other than removing or obscuring that, what you see is what I got.


I should probably add that it came in a plain white envelope, with a stamp, as opposed to being franked.


Letter of Millions

Letter of Millions

20/08/2019 - Posted by | Civilian |

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