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SURPRISE! e-cigarettes/vaping is being found to be harmful

I’d say “I told you so” if the growing body of research in the effect of vaping e-cigarettes wasn’t just so damned obvious.

And the ‘obvious’ isn’t even a case of simply claiming something is harmful because ‘we know’.

Decades of smoking cancerous tobacco products seems to have robbed many people of their logic, as if the campaigns of lies and deception by the tobacco companies and their well-paid doctors and medical research were actually truth, and that smoking was both healthy and good for you.

People still don’t seem to be able to grasp the simple concept that steeping lungs in any sort of chemical potion (and even medical inhalers can be dangerous and cause damage if misused) is likely to be detrimental, and cause harm, which might be short or long term.

But those peddling even vaping fluid for silly money, a fluid which is mostly water, plus a shot of glycerine, and then some flavours and other chemicals (which may or may not be hazardous), are keen to promote the myth that sucking in huge lungfuls of the stuff is ‘harmless’.

Always follow the money, and that will probably tell you haw harmless something (you don’t need) anyone is actively pushing on you is likely to be.

The vape fluid and e0cigarette sellers are desperate to sell as much of this stuff as they can, BEFORE proper research and study is complete.

At the moment they have a ‘free go’ and are playing the “Nobody has proven it to be harmful, so it must be safe” card as hard as they can.

Smoking a single electronic cigarette can damage blood vessels and reduce blood flow, a study has found.

E-cigarettes, often marketed as safe alternatives to smoking tobacco cigarettes, have increased in popularity in the UK over the past few years.

However, smoking – also known as vaping – even nicotine-free versions of the devices can affect the body’s vascular function, related to its veins and arteries.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine performed MRI exams on 31 healthy adults who did not smoke before and after vaping a nicotine-free e-cigarette.

Between 5.4 per cent and 6.2 per cent of the UK’s adult population is believed to vape – Gov figures

The MRI data returned reduced blood blood and impaired endothelial (cells lining the interior of blood and lymphatic vessels) function in the large femoral artery that supplies blood to the thigh and leg.

Once the endothelium interface is damaged, arteries thicken and may restrict blood blood to the heart and brain, heightening the risk of stroke or heart attack.

“While e-cigarette liquid may be relatively harmless, the vaporization process can transform the molecules – primarily propylene glycol and glycerol – into toxic substances,” said Felix W Wehrli, professor of Radiologic Science and Biophysics at the university.

“Beyond the harmful effects of nicotine, we’ve shown that vaping has a sudden, immediate effect on the body’s vascular function, and could potentially lead to long-term harmful consequences.

Vaping just a single e-cigarette can damage blood vessels, study suggests

It will be interesting to see how the next stage of this progresses, as the vapers move into the ‘Denial; Stage’, and make up stuff to counter this study.

Vape gasoline

Vape gasoline

We’ve seen it all before with tobacco.

Smoking Birth Weight

Smoking Birth Weight

And when the little sprog pops out into the world, the doting parents are ready to get them hooked right from the start…

My First Vape

My First Vape

Other methods are available for you to voluntarily ruin your health.

It’s a pity Darwin’s method of natural selection is just so damned slow  (and is often thwarted by the NHS) 😉

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