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Interesting – Was the Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce based on my thoughts?

Just for fun, I thought I’d ask that question in the post title after seeing a news article about the Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce.

In this recent post: Derelict Meadowpark Street up for development I suggested:

This is the sort of site that developers should be tackling, which had buildings in place, but for whatever reason have been razed, then left derelict.

I really don’t understand why (although I obviously don’t know the details of individual locations such as this, or the costs associated with them) developers seem to find the need to go after sites with existing buildings on them, which can attract local hostility with news of demolition in advance of new build.

If I was in the fortunate position of being able to commission builds, I’d run around and snatch all the gap sites such as this if they were available.

So, it was intriguing to see this:

Derelict land in urban areas could be used to create the next generation of allotments or city farms to increase local provision of fresh food, a report by a new taskforce has recommended.

Gap sites are described as a “persistent challenge” in Scotland but experts believe that bringing them back into use could help tackle social inequalities.

Derelict land in Scotland could be used for new generation of allotments

The article’s worth a little read, as it goes some way to explaining the puzzle I posed in my original post, as to why these sites are not picked up.

It seems it’s really just down to their having become ‘invisible’.

Having lain unused for so long, developers just can’t ‘see’ them, and go looking for something new, in the (probably mistaken) belief that a new site will be better than an old site.

It seems to me that is an ideal opportunity for one of those sessions I recommend when it becomes obvious those involved in making decision have lost all contact with Common Sense, and they need someone to take hold of them and bang their head together (literary, or figuratively, whichever works) to wake them up, and get their brains started.

Somebody really should – it might stop things like this being created.

A lovely flat piece of ground that has been like that since the locals were made ‘most annoyed’ as their Community Hub was razed to make way for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It hasn’t been used for anything, and their hub was forcibly installed in an annexe to the Emirates Arena.

After all that, it was almost closed down as Flagship 2014 Commonwealth Games ‘Legacy’ sinks

Dalmarnock Community Hub Site

Former Dalmarnock Community Hub Site

We’ll see if the Vacant and Derelict Land Taskforce comes up with anything in the months and years to come, or if it just fades away.

While I detect a will for change, I also see many projects which suggest, to me at least, that those behind them are still too keen to see something ‘New’, rather than something ‘Reused’.

They’re far too keen to be ‘First’ on a virgin site, and it’s almost as if they see not being first as some sort of ‘Second Class’ or downmarket stigma.

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